Dec 2, 2010

Magnolia Makeup BLACK FRIDAY Haul

Magnolia Makeup BLACK FRIDAY Haul

Hopefully some of you took advantage of the Magnolia Makeup Black Friday Sale that I posted here. I did an original review which can be seen here and a few look using the products here, here, here and here.

So obviously I like these pigments and I'm not just saying that... : ) now you should know that is not my style. I am very honest about products I like and don't like and I will only recommend things I would use myself.

Anywho...I of course had to support the company and grab a few more pigments at 50% OFF. The individual pigments are still on sale now at $5 a pop so get them now while they are still at this reduced price! And you are getting great quality and quantity for $5!

You can order via the website and they offer international shipping!

Here's what I got...and this may be TMI but I had a slight orgasmic rush when I was swatching these lovers may understand the feeling.

002 Kente - A bold yet earthy orange with lots of gold shimmer.
004 TuTu - Such a girly color. Tutu is a light pink with just a touch of shimmer.
005 Green Tea - A breathtakingly refreshing green with gold and green shimmer.
008 Orange Colored Sky or O.C.S. - Flash! Bam! Allakhazam! What a phenomenal color. Orange Colored Sky is a stunning, satin, gold infused orange.
015 Colores - Colores is a super fashionable minty turquoise.
022 Big Shot - Big shot is a rich, true orange with a stunning gold sheen.
025 Aerial - A beautiful teal. Like something from under the sea.
026 Saffronia - A pretty yellow with gold sheen.
091 Felicity - Felicity is a mid-toned silver.

 002 Kente -- 004 TuTu -- 005 Green Tea -- 025 Aerial

015 Colores -- 022 Big Shot -- 008 O.C.S. -- 026 Saffronia -- 091 Felicity

I almost died when I saw these colors in person. I wanted to run around and dance! My ultimate favorite is Aerial and I think this one is a MUST HAVE! Other faves include Green Tea for that great chartreuse color, Colores is a perfect substitute for MAC Clear Sky Blue but not as matte, O.C.S is now my fave yellow (I just love it so), Big Shot and Kente are just divine oranges, TuTu is a great light pink that blows Sugarpill Birthday Girl out of the water (this was what I wanted the Sugarpill color to be). Now I must take a breather before I really pass out!


  1. LOL @ the orgasmic rush! I feel the same way whenever I acquire some new cosmetic products. I'm a total junkie :)

  2. Hey Tina....
    So I had to work but i still went online and bought from this company i bought the kaleidascop which has 14 in it and it was 25.00 and which are still 25.00 all their pigments are still on sale the color wheels are 17.5 and as u said before the individual pigments are still 5.00. My package came in today and OMG they colors are beautiful...just beautiful.... i made a video on my swatches and will be posting them to my youtube site sometime today if u want to see the colors i got... but u probably already have the colors i got lol... but my youtube name is "likekaramel82" But i will definetly be buying more pigments from them they are so GORGEOUS thnx for doing a review because i would have missed out on GREAT pigments... ohhh and when will u start doing a favorites???? hmmm....???lol... i am eagerly waiting lol....
    As always, your faithful " not stalkish" lol follower,


  3. Do you know if you get 14 jars of pigment with the kaleidoscope package

  4. Well said! I ordered a Kaleidoscope and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.

  5. OOk just orded Kaleidoscope and TuTu cant wait to actually get them

  6. That's right Shami! LOL! I am so addicted!

    Hey Nik sweepea! I love these pigments. I'm also going to make a video tonite. Ppl have to hear about this company. They r fantastic. I'll check out ur video later tonite. I'll be doing faves in December. I want to do a 2010 Faves...and just talk about everything I fell in love with this year. I just can't narrow things down for a month right now without a full on list of all time faves preamble. Kisses mama!

    Hey Diva. Yep u get 14 jars but they r smaller than the individual sizes. Check the first review for the breakdown in size. U r going to love all the colors. I think these guys r my dream company for bright pigments. I hoep they add more to their colors soon too so I can freak out some more. LOL! Let me know what u think when u get them okay?

    U too Sarah...Let me know what u think when u get them okay? But I see love comign ur way :)

  7. I love, love, LOVE these pigments. I received mine super fast, they arrived yesterday!! YAY!! Is it bad to want all of them all over my face at once? I'll try to contain myself, but I make no promises.
    Now with the new swatches I am going to have to make another purchase, might as well just get all of them..

  8. Yep! I got mine super fast too. Ordered them Friday and got them yesterday. That was quick considering the holiday. And no it's not bad....what it bad is that I want them all over my face at once too...I think that is a classic makeup addict's reaction. LMAO! I just ordered some more too and some of the glitters. I'm a crazy person!

  9. Hey Tina! Thanks for the second review & swatches. I didn't want it to be a review like ur second Sugar Pill review was. I'm placing an order today, you can't beat $5 for a great shadow. Thanks to the other ladies as well!

  10. Hey Tina! Thxs for the heads up on Magnolia. I ordered the kaleidoscope. The jars are super tiny & cutsie. I'm a total bright colors fan but I'm in love with Spinx (the color I was least excited about at 1st). It looks like butter on the skin. Its AMAZING! Its a "neutral" and I love brights but this is amazing! Kudos to Mag! Saffronia is also gorg! LOVE this company...:)Has anyone tried Devritore?

  11. I purcahsed 5 of these today as well. When I spoke to the man at MAC he advised me to purchased their FIX+ and spray it on the pigment once it's on the brush for the pigment to stay and blend easier. I don't know how tru that is, But I will try it.

  12. Hey Carnita. U r welcome. I know right? I'm glad the pigments have stayed solid versus some if the pastel Sugarpill colors. I grabbed up as many as I wanted at $5 before the price goes back to $10.

    Hey Mercedes. No prob hon. Yep the Color Wheels and Kaleidoscope has the smaller jars. The colors r just so super fun and pigmented. I didn't get Sphinx but u know I'm not a neutral girl. Glad u r liking them. Which one is Devritore? I couldn't find it.

    Hey Natalie. U r going to love these pigments. Yes u can spray Fix+ on the brush to apply these pigments but it won't help with blending. Instead it helps with the intensity of the color. Using the colors wet/damp actually make them a bit harder to blend with each other (but it's not impossible just a bit harder). When applied wet/damp the colors really stand out and apply similar to a cream eyeshadow.

  13. Ok Im not sure what is going on with Magnolia makeup! I ordered O.C.S. among others and had to look again at your swatches because I was certain that this color was suppose to be yellow??? Mine is most certainly ORANGE! And a sparkly orange at that! I have saffronia as well and they are nothing a like. My O.C.S. looks more like Big Shot! Is this weird or what?!

  14. Hey Sarah. I just checked my jars as well. Yep O.C.S is defintely an orange toned yellow like orange juice but if yours is str8 up orange with sparkles then it sounds like Kente or Big Shot for sure. Maybe they mixed up the labels somehow? It should look closer to Saffronia but is a touch more orange toned.


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