Dec 23, 2010

Magnolia Makeup - Glitters and NEW Pigments

Magnolia Makeup - Glitters and NEW Pigments

So I feel like I'm doing free advertising for this company but I guess I do it for all products I review and swatch right? But I just didn't want you guys to feel like I'm being compensated by the brand (I wish I could get some more of their products to try out though...for no cost). I bought all these products on my own (except the gold glitter) while they were on sale.

And guess what? They are once again on sale for 50% OFF all the original pigments and glitters (that's $5 each) and $8 each for the new pigments that were just released.

Now as for the newly released pigments. I absolutely adore the colors. They are rich and pigmented and remind me of the Tartan Tale Pigments from MAC. However, the price threw me for a loop. These are (on sale) for $8 each and hold ONLY 1.5g of product. This is beyond me! This is much more expensive than MAC Pigments which are $6.50 per 1.5g and Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadows which are $3.60 per 1.5g. EXCUSE ME! And the new 'sleek' packaging is still a simple sample jar with  sifter lid. I am very disappointed with the new pigment pricing for sure. PASS! I am so mad because these colors are divine...but I can't openly say I recommend them on principle! (But if you don't mind the price for some fab colors....)

But their regular pigments and glitters are now $5 and are MUCH larger and still fab. So check those out if interested.

There are NO labels on these so I don't know how anyone will keep track. Plus some of the colors are deceiving - my red looks pink....

Red Gliz - Where is the red?

Black Gliz - It's a flat black so don't expect any sparkle from the glitter (if you can call it that anymore)

Orange Gliz - Very pretty! has a coppery orange look.

Green Gliz - Super fun, gift wrap green!

Holo Gold Gliz - It's gold with iridescent sparkles.

 Blue Gliz - Plain blue...get the Blue Hologram Gliz instead.

Blue Hologram Gliz - I see blue and fabulous hologram blue indeed!

Silver Gliz - It's silver and it sparkles. Not much more to say.

Holo Gold, Orange, Blue, Silver

Black, Green, Silver Hologram, Red

NEW PIGMENTS (Arrrghhhh!!!!!!!!!!)
The colors barely match up to their color descriptions. Not sure what the intention was with these. But alas...I'm in love with Gilded, Calliope and Who Dat!!! I say skip the rest because they are not worth the price plus their are great similar colors in the original pigments.

200 Crescent - A dark with turquoise sparkles.
I have no idea what this description means. It's similar to MAC Moonlight Night (much better value) and very close to Swamp Thing and Envy. Get Envy instead.
Calliope - A supersaturated with copper sparkles.
Again huh?'s a red based copper and very pretty.

Swamp Thang - A blue toned green with tons of green sparkle.
Too similar to 040 Envy to justify. Get Envy instead.

Who Dat!!! - A black with gold sparkles.
Similar to MAC The Family Crest Pigment (which is a much better value)

Kiss - A blue toned violet with tons of violet sparkle.
Normal everyday purple. Nothing too special here.

198 Tinsel - A supersaturated metallic silver with sparkles.
It's a super sparkly silver.

Gilded - A supersaturated gold bronze with bronze sparkle.
Best for last! WOW! I'm just in love with this color. It is a highly metallic yellow sun gold...not bronze as described.

Kiss, Gilded, Tinsel, Swamp Thing

Who Dat!!!, Calliope, Crescent, Kiss


  1. OMG so pretty! I love Gilded and Calliope and the green glitter! This is a brand on my list to try in 2011 :) Thanks for the swatches my lovely

  2. I love my Magnolia Makeup pigments. I ordered a couple of the glitters that should arrive today.

  3. I JUST ordered some of these earlier and now I wish I didnt order kiss.... But It was hard to tell the color... grrr.... oh well I got tutu and O.C.S. and a few others...

  4. Oh no I just ordered as well..
    is Gilded similar to MakeUpForever Metal Powder No4?
    I ordered tutu..Gilded, Swamp Thang and Tinsel, but i requested to change Tinsel to Calliope
    is Swamp Thang similar to enVy coz i already have envy :((

  5. Oh no I just ordered as well..
    is Gilded similar to MakeUpForever Metal Powder No4?
    I ordered tutu..Gilded, Swamp Thang and Tinsel, but i requested to change Tinsel to Calliope
    is Swamp Thang similar to enVy coz i already have envy :((

  6. Those r pretty Saadeh! 2011 here she comes!

    They r great right jlowman1? I don't like the new prices AT ALL! The glitters r fun too.

    It's hard to tell the true colors from the website. The original colors r pretty true to the pictures but not the new ones. Kiss is nice but not really original. Tutu and O.C.S. r fab tho!

    That's what I said EllD! More than MAC! Hell no!

    Oh no Katheryn! Yes actually Gilded is almost identical to MUFE Metal Powder No. 4. MUFE is a touch darker. And yep...Swamp Thing is really close to Envy... :(

  7. oooOoh ok thaNks
    btw i reaLLy lurve the LookS u do up and i alwaYs show them to my MUA when im wearing an outfit in that colour :) LoL
    am aDDicted to ur site babe!
    btw emailed ya rgding a request as i have an outfit in red+bronze..wanted to see ur attempt in doing an AweSome LooK :))
    Love ya!!

  8. 200 Crescent - "A dark with turquoise sparkles."

    Maybe they meant a dark (COlOR) with turquoise sparkles. lol. Just a guess.

    Calliope - "A supersaturated with copper sparkles."

    They should have said it was supersaturated with copper sparkles. lol. Pretty colors nonetheless.


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