Dec 7, 2010

Too Faced Cheap Thrills Set - $20 at Sephora

Too Faced Cheap Thrills Set - $20 at Sephora

Talk about a steal! This set is now on sale at Sephora for $20 - Limited Edition Online ONLY. Only $20! There are six items in this set and each on their own cost close to $20. You get 2 full sized eyeshadows, full sized lipstick, full sized mascara, full sized lipgloss and a travel sized bronzer all for $20! This is a great stocking stuffer or just great to have. For $20 why not? I picked it up and I'm glad I did. Definitely check this one out if you like Too Faced or just love a bargain.

Cheap Thrills Set (Original Price $107) A 6-piece value set filled with a collection of products perfect for beauty thrill-seekers!

This collection has got you covered when it comes to Too Faced beauty essentials. The Lip of Luxury in Free Love is a pink velvet, soft-as-satin lipstick with serious staying power and the Galaxy Glam Shadow in Amber Asteroid and Magenta Moon contain italian opalescent pigments that are baked into each silver-domed shadow that mix together to produce a multi-dimensional smoky-eye light speed ahead of any mere earthly cosmetic product. The Pinpoint Mascara in Pitch Black creates the dramatically long, extremely defined and separated lashes of your dreams and Mirror Mirror Gloss in I Know You Want Me is a super-shine lip gloss is infused with natural Goji Berry extract, one of the most powerful antioxidants found in nature. The travel-size Pink Leopard Bronzer combines gorgeous shades of golden bronzes, gilded pinks, and neutral fawns brighten the skin and create an all-over glow.

This set contains:
- 0.12 oz Lip of Luxury in Free Love (pale pink)
- 2 x 0.1 oz Galaxy Glam Shadow in Amber Asteroid (dark brown with yellow gold) and Magenta Moon (dark brown with vibrant magenta)
- 0.27 oz Pinpoint Mascara in Pitch Black
- 0.56 oz Mirror Mirror Gloss in I Know You Want Me (clear)
- 0.08 oz Pink Leopard Bronzer

The Galaxy Glam Shadows are full sized and retail for $19.50 each. So if you think about it you are paying for one eyeshadow and getting 5 other products for free. There are smooth and rich in color. The finish is somewhat of a soft shimmer without being frosty. The colors are not unique but still nice everyday shades and the packaging is super cute. The come in screw top circular jars with a clear magnifying top. 

 Amber Asteroid, Magenta Moon

The Lip of Luxury in Free Love lipstick is a pale pink with a sheer frosty finish. It's a simple color and feels good on the lips. Great for a light wash of color. This is a full size which usually goes for $20 (in a different more luxurious package).

The Mirror Mirror Gloss in I Know You Want Me is just a clear lipgloss and is good for adding shine to the lip or a lipstick. This is also in full size which normally goes for $16.
The Pinpoint Mascara in Pitch Black is a nice mascara with a very small wand suitable for lower lashes and hard to reach top lashes. The formula is a solid black with nice volumizing effects. Just note that Too Faced Lash Injection mascaras tend to dry out a bit faster than regular mascara so be sure to tightly close.

The Pink Leopard Bronzer is a lovely light pink shimmery highlight. It's a bit too light for my cheeks and skintone but it makes a fantastic eyeshadow. It's 1/4 the size of the full sized bronzer which retails for $28.



  1. The lipstick, gloss, and mascara are travel size as well? I understand that the eyeshadows are full size and that the highlighter is travel size but I was confused about those three? If they have this online I definitely want to check this out!

  2. omg thank you for letting me know hopefully i can find it when i go to the mall friday this is a banging deal xoxo

  3. Hi Miryam.The lipstick, lipgloss, mascara and eyeshadows are all full size! :) The only travel size id the bronzer. So u get 5 full sized items and a travel bronzer! It's a great deal! I cleared it up some more in the post.

    No prob Doll. This deal is fantastic! $20 for 5 full sized items and a travel bronzer. Who could ask for more?

  4. I thought about getting this, but wasn't sure if they were full size. Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is a great deal! I was just in my local Sephora this past Saturday and did not see this. Guess I'll be going back with the hopes that it will be there.

  6. No prob SiSi. 5 full sizes and one travel size. Great deal.

    Hey Carnita! It seems to be online only hon so I guess you would have to order it.

  7. Great, not in stock :( I will have to keep checking lol I don't want to miss this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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