About Me

Hi guys, I'm Tina!!!

By profession I am an Electrical Engineer but beneath that I'm just a girl who loves makeup and all things beauty! I want to share that love and hopefully make some friends along the way.

I created this blog to share my love of makeup and express my creative side. It also helps to keep track of my different looks and technique as the days go by. I wear these looks to work everyday (yep cool office). These looks may be considered over-the-top for many but this is just my personal taste. Honestly, I do these looks for my blog and probably wouldn't use half this makeup otherwise. Perfect excuse to use my collection of makeup!

I am by no means a professional and I have not had formal training. Everything I learned came from reading blogs and beauty forums, of course stalking YouTube for tutorials and basic trial-and-error. I believe makeup should be fun and expressive! I don't follow rules or set any boundaries for myself. I just do what I feel like and hope it turns out well.

I really appreciate all of you that choose to share this part of my world with me! Kisses!

Thanks for looking!