Dec 31, 2010

Tokidoki Roberry Palette - THOUGHTS and SWATCHES...

Tokidoki Roberry Palette - THOUGHTS and SWATCHES...

tokidoki, which means "sometimes" in Japanese, represents a hope we all share for moments that might change our destiny. Creator Simone Legno expressed this mantra through his artwork and soon had a "tokidoki" moment himself: In 2003, his work was discovered by Pooneh Mohajer, co-founder of Hard Candy Cosmetics, and her husband, Ivan Arnold.

Pooneh and Ivan fell in love with tokidoki and immediately flew Simone to LA, where they made him an offer to move from Rome to build the brand. They believed that everyone should experience the cute and playful world of tokidoki. By 2004, tokidoki had become a cult-favorite line and soon expanded to include everything you can imagine – toys, clothing, accessories, skateboards, sportswear, and more.

Now, the brand is shaking up the beauty world with tokidoki, presented exclusively at Sephora and QVC. For the first time ever, you can express your own inner artist with innovative ingredients and vibrant, high-pigment shades that offer endless possibilities for creating your own style. These one-of-a-kind collectibles also feature custom-designed packaging that celebrates the vivid artwork, mischievous characters, and imaginative storytelling found only in the universe of tokidoki.

tokidoki is a world where criminally cute and irresistibly edgy collide.


Robbery Palette

It is a keepsake tin with so many elements that it can be broken up into a number of thrilling gifts.
Explore both your criminally cute and irresistibly edgy sides with this tin featuring three eyeshadow palettes emblazoned with the fun and mischievous characters of the tokidoki Robbery print.

Each of these makeup palettes can be taken from the tin. But be sure to return it to its rightful place—when a palette is removed, the illustration reveals a tokidoki character locked behind bars! Made with eye-popping pigments that won't fade, these Cromatico eyeshadows and cheek highlighters complete a total tokidoki look.
($140 Value) (Original Price $49) Now $39

This set contains:
  • Royal Pride Palette: 4 x 0.02 oz Eyeshadows in Lion Pappa, Savana, Ercolini, Bulletto and a 0.16 oz Bronzer in Royal Pride 
  • Arlecchino Palette: 4 x 0.02 oz Eyeshadows in Soya, Candy Cane, Ninja Dog, Meteo and a 0.16 oz Blush in Momobella 
  • Rapina Palette: 4 x 0.02 oz Eyeshadows in Liberty, Bullets, LA Gun, Adios and a 0.16 oz Blush in Polpettina
  • Collectible Robbery Print tin that can be reused to house tokidoki treasures 
  • Large (3.5 x 5.5") removable tokidoki logo magnet


My 4 Ps

This palette is currently priced at $39 but was originally $49. Now let's do some math (my forte) $39 the palettes would be $13 each. That's $13 for 4 mini eyeshadows and a mini blush. Now, even taking sizes into consideration, this is a great deal! Each palette costs less than a MAC Eyeshadow that retails for $14.50 each. In addition to the actual products you also get a collectible carrying tin and a collectible magnet (which is quite large btw). Fantastic bargain here!

When I first saw the packaging I though Sugarpill believe it or not. LOL. The packaging is somewhat along the same line with fabulous graphics. The container is a metal tin that is adorned with tokidoki graphics and a large heart design magnet. Inside you will find the 3 palettes in adorable cutouts and a decent sized mirror encased in the lid. The graphics carry over to the inside and to all the palettes. This may be overkill for some of us with more mature tastes. This was definitely geared towards the young at heart. Great gift for a teenager but I would be iffy about gifting this set to anyone over 25 unless you know for sure this is their taste.

The palettes are cardboard with the same graphic design and a magnetic clasp. I wouldn't say the palettes are portable on their own since cardboard packaging is not the best for travel. The tin is definitely great for travel and a neat collectible...again be mindful of the youthful design.

There are 4 coordinated colors and one blush in each palette. All but one of the eyeshadows have a frosty finish and the blushes and bronzers are very shimmery. There is a great assortment of colors here ranging from neutrals to greens and blues to smoky colors. I suppose we are missing purples and pinks so if these colors are your faves then this set is not for you.

The eyeshadows have great color payoff and are absolutely beautiful. They swatch very well and blend easily together. The blushes are very sparkly and can come off a bit chunky. The bronzer is a great color while the blushes are decent. The neutral and smokey palette swatch the best while the blues had a bit of trouble with fallout and chunky bits.

I think this is a great value right off the bat. The colors are gorgeous but I wouldn't say this is an all rounder kit. All but one of the colors are super frosty which is not the best for complete looks. You will definitely need to add some mattes and satins to make the colors more wearable for everyday. But as far as value and fun, the set gets props from me.



 Royal Pride Palette: Bronzer in Royal Pride, Eyeshadows in Lion Pappa, Savana, Ercolini, Bulletto
 These bronzey and golden shades apply smoothly and deliver great color payoff in one swipe. Best of all three palettes.


Arlecchino Palette: Blush in Momobella, Eyeshadows in Soya,  Candy Cane, Ninja Dog, Meteo
Fun colors. Ninja Dog and Meteo appear purple in product pictures but in actuality they are blues (and very similar to each other).The blues swatch a bit patchy but layer well.


 Rapina Palette: Blush in Polpettina, Eyeshadows in Liberty, Bullets, LA Gun, Adios 
Another great palette with great color payoff. Beautiful for smokey looks but be sure to grab a matte or semi matte highlight eyeshadow and matte blush.


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