Sep 29, 2011

MAC Matchmaster SPF 15 Foundation - THOUGHTS...

M∙A∙C Matchmaster SPF 15 Foundation 

A virtually "invisible" foundation with coverage influenced by your own skin tone. A breakthrough patented formula technology with a spectrum of 14 light to deep dark shades. Discover shade intelligence!

Matchmaster SPF 15 Foundation
New Foundation technology using translucent pigments to enable a fully personalized finish influenced by the subtleties of your own skin's undertone. Moisturizing demi-matte finish. Medium buildable coverage. Line-reducing soft-focus powders.  

35 ml / 1.18 US fl oz  

The MAC Matchmaster Foundation is priced at $32.50 for 1.18 oz of product. It costs more than the average MAC Foundation but if you look closer you will realize that it actually holds more product and costs about the same per ounce as the cheapest MAC Foundation. This for me was a selling point since MAC Foundations are already on the cheaper end of mid-end cosmetics. I know $32.50 may sound quite high but considering the amount of product plus the quality, it is actually a decent price. Check out the comparisons below:

The MAC Matchmaster Foundation is available for purchase at MAC (stores and online) and other MAC retailers such as Nordstrom, Macy's, etc. There are 14 shades available but be sure to get matched in store to ensure you get the correct shade. MAC has provided comparison charts based on existing MAC NC and NW shades for their makeup artists to decipher your true shade. However, I anticipate that due to the limited shade options you may have to mix two or more colors to get an exact match. Each shade is meant to cover a range of skintones so there will of course be some less than perfect 'matches'.

For reference I am NC45 in MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation and my shade in MAC Matchmaster Foundation is 7.0. 

The MAC Matchmaster Foundation comes in similar packaging as the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation which is a sturdy glass bottle with a built-in foundation pump. Since the pump is built-in, you will save the expense of having to purchase and separate pump for ease of use.

The pump itself is completely controllable so you will not inadvertently waste product plus it keeps the foundation sanitary since it isn't exposed to the 'elements'. You are able to disperse as much or as little product as necessary (thankfully) and therefore get the most out of the foundation without squirting money down the drain. The pump also has a lock mechanism which is perfect for travel.

The glass bottle also helps with the longevity of the foundation by keeping it sealed tightly and provide a barrier against exposure to bacteria or environmental factors.



The foundation is a medium thick liquid with a creamy, silky texture. The pigmentation/opacity is moderate allowing for medium to full coverage. You will get even coverage with a light layer and can add more for a more intense coverage.

The finish is a very natural matte that blends very well onto the skin without being overly matte and drying. The foundation blend seamlessly over the skin for a natural, flawless finish. I will agree that fine lines are reduced (or camouflaged) by the foundation making the skin look almost flawless. It also evens out the skintone (as it is foundation afterall) and covers light spots on the skin. The only real drawback is you will look flawless so you will appear to be wearing makeup even with the natural finish of the foundation. This is simply by virtue of a flawless finish! Duh! But what does this mean? You may still want to add a bit of dimension to your face with contouring, blush and highlight...but no biggie!

Although the foundation isn't marketed as 'oil controlling', I will say that it works well with my oily skin and keeps the oil at bay for 8+ hours. For testing I didn't apply powder so I know for sure that I owe the 'not so oily' result to the foundation.

There is a certain sweet synthetic smell to the foundation when directly inhaled. However, this smell does not linger or stay on the skin when applied to the skin. This is a good thing since MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation and MAC Pro Longwear Foundation do have intense scents that can be overwhelming and do stay on the skin for some time.

The best thing about this foundation is that it is lightweight! It is one of the lightest feeling foundations I have actually ever tried and it feels great on the skin. I hardly felt like I was wearing anything at all. It is even better than most tinted moisturizers I have tried and even the face and body foundations I have in my collection. I attribute this to the fact that it isn't a 'restricting' formula...most matte foundations are drying and restricting and leave your skin feeling tightened and weighed down. Other medium to full coverage foundations are heavy with pigments and you can 'feel' the foundation throughout wear.

 Translates a little orange-ish!

 Can you even see it? That's how natural the finish is :)

I really like this foundation. I had my doubts but it works very well for a flawless finish while remaining lightweight. In fact this is my new found foundation love! I don't think everyone will find their perfect shade match here which is a drawback but if you are lucky to get a decent match then definitely give it a try. Even my shade turns out to be a little bit orange-ish on my skin but nothing a good setting powder can't tweak.

Have you tried this foundation? What do you think?

Bare Face before foundation

Bare Face before foundation


After foundation (no powder)

After foundation (no powder)
Flawless :)


After 12 hours of wear (no powder)

After 12 hours of wear (no powder)
The oilies bear their ugly faces in my t-zone

Me no likies the oilies!

Sep 27, 2011

M∙A∙C Styledriven Collection - INFORMATION...

 M∙A∙C Styledriven Collection

Yet another collection from M∙A∙C for Fall. However, this collection features all new products to be added to the permanent range! Yes my dears, this means we can relax for this one since there is no rush to grab the limited supplies. These are also touted as longwearing products for lips and eyes and are being added to the M∙A∙C Pro Longwear selection. But you can take your time and test these out before committing. Don't we all have a tiny fear of commitment anyways?

Long-lasting Lip Pencil and Lipglass with six extended hours of lasting shine, along with a creamy new Eye Shadow...experience future-forward Pro Longwear technology!

Note: MAC PRO Discount Available. All items are Permanent unless otherwise stated.

Online: September 20, 2011 (US)
In Stores: September 22, 2011 (US)
International: September 2011

Pro Longwear Eyeshadow
A unique longwearing Eye Shadow with a silky, creamy texture formulated for maximum colour impact. Easily blendable and buildable; lids are visibly smooth no matter how intense the application. Lasts 8 hours.
3.4 g / 0.11 US oz US$20.00

Carefree - Pale white gold (Frost)
Pink Frontier - Soft golden pink (Frost)
Sunny Outlook - Bright golden yellow (Satin)
Sweet Satisfaction - Soft neutral beige (Frost)
One to Watch - Light warm brown (Satin)
Lie Low - Dark frosted golden brown (Frost)
Plush - Vivid purple (Satin)
Thru the Night - Deep navy (Frost)
Fresh Flare - Bright kelly green (Frost)
Hot Paprika - Mid-tone burnt red (Frost)
Tease with Ease - Bright fuchsia (Frost)
Make Your Mark - Dark chocolate (Satin)
Keep Your Cool - Dark grey brown (Satin)
Legendary Black - Warm almost black (Satin)
Weathered - Dirty blue grey (Frost)
Styledriven - Pale white blue (Frost)



Pro Longwear Lipcreme
Lightweight texture, creamy finish and comfortable longwear combine in this has-it-all pro-class lip colour. Slick in use, applies without need of a top coat- and still lasts up to 12 hours. Won't feather or transfer, and the colour stays true. Helps lips stay soft and hydrated. 
3.6 g / 0.12 US oz US$17.00
Soft Sell - Light yellow-pink (Cream)
Dress It Up - Light blue-pink (Cream)
Till Tomorrow - Mid-tone dirty mauve (Cream)
So Very Good - Mid-tone plum with pearl (Frost)

To the Future! - Dirty neutral pink with pearl (Frost)
Good to Go - Loudmouth orange (Cream)
Positively Dashing - Mid-tone berry blue-red (Cream)
Extended Play - Dirty red, yellow undertone (Cream)
Prolong - Clean red with blue undertone and pearl (Cream)
Endless Drama - Deep berry blue-red (Frost)
Soulfully Rich - Deep dirty purple with red pearl (Frost)


Pro Longwear Lipglass
A longwearing Lipglass that goes on smooth and lasts for up to six hours! Envelops lips with shine and colour and pro-longs the hours between re-application.   
1.92 g / .06 US oz US$18.50
Ready or Not! - Neutral light coral with slight pearlized pigments (Cream)
Driven by Love - Red-blue with slight pearlized pigments
Dark as Night - Deep mid-tone purple with slight pearlized pigments (Cream)
Lasting Achievement - Mid-tone purple with slight pearlized pigments (Cream)
Infinitely Likeable - Light pink (Cream)
Patience, Please - Light pink-blue (Cream)
Whoops! - Bright coral (Cream)
Full Speed Ahead - Bright pink-magenta (Cream)
Show Me! - Mid-tone neutral plum (Cream)


Pro Longwear Lip Pencil
A new generation of longwearing lip pencil technology. Glides on fluidly and adheres instantly. Defines the lips with an instant release of rich, saturated colour. Pro-longs the hours between re-application. Transfer proof.  
1.2 g / 0.04 US oz US$18.00 

Nice ‘n’ Spicy Pink cinnamon stick
Bittersweet Intense brown
Absolutely It Soft burgundy
Morning Coffee Mid-tone rose
What a Blast! Bright orange
Etcetera Creamy beige
Kiss Me Quick Yellow red
Staunchly Stylish Pinky beige
More to Love Intense bluish pink
In Anticipation Soft yellow pink