May 3, 2012

REVIEW & SWATCHES | Sleek MakeUP Blush by 3 - Pink Sprint, Pumpkin, Lace, Flame and Sugar

Sleek MakeUP Blush by 3 
Pink Sprint | Pumpkin | Lace | Flame | Sugar


Blush by 3 is a trio shade blush palette that takes you effortlessly from day to night!  Each palette has 3 ultra pigmented shades to choose from in matte and shimmer shades. Use the matte shades for a subtle day time flush, and add the shimmery shade over the top for a touch of night time glamour! With 5 different shaded palettes to choose from , your only dilemma is which one to pick! Choose from Pink Sprint, Pumpkin, Lace, Flame, or Sugar

Sleek MakeUP is available in Superdrug and Sephora Portugal stores, and online 

Price: £9.99/€13.00/$15.99
 Size: 20 g / 0.68 oz

Standard International Delivery within 10 to 15 working days
$10 to $13.50

International destinations are considered as all other countries not listed as European.  Please note we do not ship to the African continent.


        Sugar         |       Lace      |     Pink Sprint    

         Flame         |         Pumpkin    

The Sleek MakeUP Blush by 3 Palettes are priced at $15.99 each 20 g / 0.68 oz of product on the Sleek MakeUP website with an additional $10 - $13.50 for international shipping to the US.
I need to factor in the shipping because these palettes are not available in the US (as yet...rumors are they are coming to the US very soon) and you will need to pay for international shipping. Honestly I don't think the shipping is outlandish either since they are coming from the UK afterall. Now obviously the more products you purchase the better the deal will be since the shipping cost covers the entire purchase. Plus you can combine your order with friends to break up the shipping costs.

The Blush by 3 Palettes retail for $15.99 which is quite a deal. You get 3 full sized blushes which contain a total of  20 g / 0.68 oz of product. Compare these to M∙A∙C Powder Blushes which are $20 for 6 g / 0.21 oz of product. So you spend $4 less and still get more than 3 times the amount of product. Quite a STEAL!

These are considered drugstore makeup in the UK....our equivalent of L'Oreal, Revlon or NYX. But this time around the price/size beats even our drugstore brands!

The Sleek MakeUP Blush by 3 Palettes are available in the UK at Superdrug Stores and Sephora Portugal stores but for beauty lovers in the USA we are able to order these palettes from the Sleek MakeUP website. However, there are plans to supply Sleek MakeUP in US stores very soon so be on the lookout for that!

These Sleek MakeUP Blush by 3 Palettes come housed in a sleek (quite fitting) black palette with a full-sized mirror inside the lid as with other Sleek MakeUP products. Inside the trio of blushes sit pretty in all their glory. There are no applicators in these palettes - which isn't a loss at all.

The palette sports the Sleek Makeup logo on the front and a label on the back indicating the name of the palette, individual names for all 3 blushes, the ingredients and all that jazz. I find it really awesome that Sleek MakeUP has included names for each individual blush which is quite a treat! It's easy to reference the colors without creating your own labeling scheme.

"Wrapped in a typically luxurious Sleek MakeUP mirrored compact, BLUSH BY 3 houses 3 complementary shades of blush. Four out of the five palettes have at least one shimmer, and Pink Sprint is made up of three true mattes. Layer the varying finishes and shades for greater intensity, or apply alone for a burst of full-on pigment. The versatile shimmer shades can be used to highlight areas of the face that naturally catch the light for a luminous finish."

There are two different textures to be found in these palettes - Four out of the five palettes have at least one shimmer, and Pink Sprint is made up of three true mattes.

Mattes - The mattes are soft and finely milled but not quite creamy in texture. On the good side they are not powdery or chalky but as a drawback the texture can leave them a bit patchy in spots. As described, these are full on matte textures with no shimmer, no shine and no glitter!

Shimmers - The shimmery shades are lovely. They are smooth, silky and decently soft. The finish for the shimmer shades is a low-to-medium frost which means there is no high-metallic shine. These will leave a subtle sheen/glow to the skin if applied lightly but can be built up for a more intense shimmer to the skin.

The pigmentation of these shades vary by palette. The bright bold colors and the shimmer shades are great color payoff and apply very true to the color in the pan. The pigmentation of some of these colors is so strong that they can be used as eyeshadow if you so chose.

However, the lighter shades tend to have poor color payoff and do not show up well (or not at all) on my skintone. See the swatches for more detail.

The Sleek MakeUP Blush by 3 Palettes come with 3 complementary shades of blush which work very well together or on their own. You can chose to mix the colors, layer them, use one as a highlight and one as a blush color...pretty much mix and match until your heart is content!

There are some gorgeous shades to be found in the 5 options from neutrals to brights. These will work beautifully on all skintones - there is a perfect match for the palest of skins to the deeper hues.

The Sleek MakeUP Blush by 3 Palettes apply evenly onto the skin with the usual blush brush. For a light coverage of course it's best to use a fluffier brush but for more dense color a compact brush will work better. I would be very light-handed with the bolder/brighter colors and build up the intensity if so desired. 

For the lighter shades do not over-blend because you will lose the color very easily. The shimmers are the easiest to work with and blend well onto the skin. The matte shades can be tricky if the skin beneath them is not even or moist (from moisturizer or foundation). They can apply patchy in some spots so be sure to have an even, dry base to work on.

The Sleek MakeUP Blush by 3 Palettes wear decently for about 4 to 5+ hours before there is any fading in intensity. When used with a face primer/base and/or foundation, the product has something to grab onto so the wear is certainly prolonged a couple of hours. But on bare skin they start fading very quickly after 4 hours. 

Mattes - The matte shades will fade more quickly than the shimmer shades. These wear 4+ hours before the fading starts. With a good layer underneath these last at least 6+ hours before the intensity starts to dwindle. The fading is gradual so it's not too much of an issue but it's a point to note especially if you expect full long day of wear out of your blush.

Shimmers - The shimmery shades do much better with longevity. These last at least 6+ hours before you will notice any fading. With a good layer underneath you can get a full day of wear out of these - 9+ hours.

The Sleek MakeUP Blush by 3 Palettes are a fantastic addition to the Sleek MakeUP round-up. These are perfect blush trios which we don't see much (if ever) in the cosmetics world.....okay okay I know NARS did a blush palette and Coastal Scents has one too. But I love this concept and I wish other brands would catch on as well. 

What makes this such a great find is the awesome price! The Sleek MakeUP Blush by 3 Palettes will cost you less than other blushes (single or palette form)....okay okay I know Elf Blushes are like $1 each but come on cut me some slack here :)

The colors are range from subtle to bright and fun. You can mix these as you please and use different combinations for a unique look. They have good to great color payoff and decent wear time. The only thing I would complain about are the mattes which don't apply or wear the best but alas they are not horrid enough for me to write these off. In fact only a couple of the matte shades had trouble - the bright colors did just fine.

I definitely, HANDS DOWN, recommend giving these a go! For your next Sleek MakeUP order grab a least one of these! Lace is my favorite while Pumpkin is a close runner-up. I would skip out on Sugar unless you have pale skin.

What are your thoughts? Interested?



PUMPKIN 363 - All three shades are nicely pigmented and blend gorgeously.

Squash - Cool toned medium pink with a slight sheen.


Lantern - Matte bright almost neon orange. Nicely pigmented and great on warm skintones.

P Pie - Pinky peach with a slight sheen.

SUGAR 364 - This is the most disappointing trio. Muscovado and Turbinado do not have the best pigmentation. Turbinado actually does not really show up show up on my skintone. May work better for lighter skin.

*This palette was received from Sleek MakeUP for consideration : ) This doesn't affect my opinion just saves me some spending money and allows me to introduce more products to you guys! Ironic that the one I received was the one I didn't like. The others I grabbed with my own cash! : )

 Demerara - Matte rosy pink/mauve.

Muscovado - Dusty rose with slight golden sheen. Not very pigmented.

Turbinado - Light matte peach. Doesn't show up on my skintone.

FLAME 365 - Red based trio with nice pigmentation.

Molten - Muted coral with satin finish.

Bon Fire - Bright matte warm toned red.

Furnace - Medium coral with slight sheen.

PINK SPRINT 366 - All matte trio of pinks. All pigmented shades.

Pinktini - Matte raspberry pink.

Pink Ice - Matte bright cool toned pink - close to neon.

Pink Parfait - Muted rose pink.

 LACE 367 - Trio of corals and peach shades. One of my faves!

Chantilly - Matte light orange coral peach.

Guipure - Peach with gorgeous golden sheen. Fave!

Crochet - Matte medium coral.


  1. I just yesterday placed my first order with Sleek. I cannot wait to receive my two blush palettes [sugar and lace] especially after seeing your swatches!

  2. Tina, thank you sooooo much for posting this review & the swatches!!! When I saw that you bought them (in a haul, I think) I knew I was going to hold out on buying any of these blush trios until after I saw your review! Thanx for weeding out one of the blush trios for me. :-)

  3. Oh,,,I have a product of Sleek that I am using...I havent tried the blushes..but the colors are charming.

  4. I've been seeing these on all these blogs but your fab swatches make me want to order these right now!

  5. - I always LOVE yuhr reviews ! :) Yuhr swatches are great !

  6. why cant i purchase in the US?

    1. Certain Sleek products are not available for shipping to the US. But I'm coming to the States next week, please let me know if I can order anything for you and mail it over? My email is

  7. thanks for the swatch!

  8. This is a nice overview, I think I def want one of the trios.

    This might be a silly question but is each rectangle of blusher removable? I know you can get replacements on eBay which fit in the regular sleek blushes so I presume they are removable?

    I want Bon Fire but the other two in the trio seem so similar if just seems silly to buy the trio but I was thinking my friend could buy one of the other trio without any red, say the pink one and we could trade a rectangle. (Sorry not sure what I should call each rectangle of blusher).

    Unless that would be likely to break them or they're not removable.

    Thank you for any information!


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