The Fancy Face is a personal beauty blog. All content is written, edited and reviewed by yours truly, Tina. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are my own.


I created this blog to share my love of makeup and express my creative side. It also helps to keep track of my different looks and technique as the days go by. These looks may be considered over-the-top for many but this is just my personal taste. Honestly, I do these looks for my blog and probably wouldn't use half this makeup otherwise. Perfect excuse to use my collection of makeup!

I am by no means a professional and I have not had formal training. Everything I learned came from reading blogs and beauty forums, of course stalking YouTube for tutorials and basic trial-and-error. I believe makeup should be fun and expressive! I don't follow rules or set any boundaries for myself. I just do what I feel like and hope it turns out well.

This blog also allows me to share information, swatches and personal experiences with various products that I have tried. I am not a certified expert, dermatologist, doctor, esthetician or makeup professional. I am simply sharing my own opinions and thoughts as objectively as I can. Remember, my experiences may be affected by my skin type, hair type, lifestyle, diet, genetics, etc.


All of the products used, mentioned or reviewed have been purchased by the creator/editor/writer of The Fancy Face unless otherwise stated. I strive to give honest and unbiased reviews of all products and items whether they were purchased or sponsored (as in sent for free) and will fully disclose any such affiliation. Just because it was sent to me for free does NOT mean I think it’s awesome! 

I DO accept products to review for consideration but this does NOT guarantee a review or actual use. Also, there is NO timeline associated with reviews. I will get to it when I can, if I can and if I find it relevant to my reader base. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience with the product/device. If I try a product that I outright do not like then I just won’t review it. Otherwise I will give details on the positive and negative points of each product from my point of view.  

I DO accept compensation for product reviews and placement BUT this DOES NOT GUARANTEED POSITIVE opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. In fact it only guarantees a review in a timely manner and in a requested format. I strive for transparency and honesty. All opinions and thoughts are my own and cannot be requested/demanded by the company/manufacturer/supplier for the product under review. 

I have and will accept products from companies for review since this helps to broaden the horizon when it comes to what is available on the market plus it definitely helps me keep some money in my pocket. I believe it is only fair and right for ALL companies to provide compensation for production time, research, editing, photography, etc. The time spent producing quality content is not voluntary or charity work and as such should be duly rewarded...and NO FREE PRODUCT is not sufficient. 



Although the content and images on this blog are not copy written I do still reserve the right to intellectual property. If you want to use my images or words for your own use please give proper credit to The Fancy Face Blog and its writer, Tina.


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