Nov 13, 2010

Magnolia Makeup - SWATCHES and THOUGHTS...

Magnolia Makeup - SWATCHES and THOUGHTS...

I was recently contacted by Niala from Magnolia Makeup and offered a few of their products to try out. What I really liked about the offer was that Niala NEVER requested that I do a review or video or anything related to promoting the products. She just simply offered to send me some items because she saw that I loved bright colors. I really appreciated that "no strings attached" approach. If you are confident in your products then you will let them speak for themselves without soliciting reviews from beauty bloggers. You know what I mean? Just thought that was a nice gesture.... : )

Now I was sent a Color Wheel which is a pigment kit of 7 colors and few individual pigments as well. You may have noticed that I already used some of the products in a few looks. I didn't want to do a review unless I was impressed and let's just say I was!

BACKGROUND - From Niala (her sister's name is Tia)

"I have been a freelance makeup artist for about 5 years now. For years, my sister and I struggled with finding products that flattered our skin tone. I can't tell how much we have spent on products that just didn't show up. We'd have to buy product and then tweak them. Our insatiable need for color sparked the crazy idea of starting our own cosmetics line called Magnolia Makeup. A crazy idea that became reality about a year ago. Our full line is offered via our website and a few locations in New Orleans."


My 4 Ps

The color wheel retails for $35 and contains 7 pigments each with 1 gram of product. That equates to $5 per gram. The individual pigments are $10 each and contain 3 grams of product which means $3.33 per gram here. I think the prices are a bit on the high side for an Internet mineral line.

I would compare these to a relatively well known Internet brand - Sugarpill Cosmetics. Sugarpill loose eyeshadows are $12 for 5 grams or $2.40 per gram. Even compared to MAC the prices are on the high side. MAC pigments are $19.50 for 4.5 grams or $4.33 per gram (cheaper than the color wheel per gram). Most up-and-coming Internet mineral lines have prices ranging from $3 to $7 for 3 grams of product.

This is a slight hiccup for me but the quality of the product makes me sway in favor of the line.

The packaging is very basic and is essentially sample jars with product labels indicating the pigment color number and the company logo.

The color wheel contains seven 3 gram jars that are filled with 1 gram of product and is packaged in a petri dish that can also be used for mixing. These pigment jars do not have labels since the label is on the petri dish instead. There are also no sifter lids on the color wheel pigments. The individual pigments are sold in 10 gram jars and are filled with 3 grams of product. These have individual labels and sifter lids.

This is another reason I believe the prices should be lower. The packaging is functional but not outstanding and this should be reflected in the price points.

Now this is where these pigments really shine! They are bold, pigmented and easy to work with. I got full on color in one swipe and the colors blend easily together and with other brands. The colors are absolutely divine and they really blew me away. There are 24 pigment colors available in the line all together and there are some unique colors to look out for.

 Color Wheel

Individual Pigments

I have used the pigments in a few looks and I'm happy I got them. They are great to apply, easy to blend and hold true to color during wear. There are also some unique colors here and they actually filled a gap in my color collection since I was searching for a true tangerine and minty aqua color and I believe I found them here. My only gripe is with the pricing. I think the prices should be more in line with the Internet mineral line market and sync up with the packaging. I can't complain about the product at all because they are fantastic but I wish the prices or at least the amount of product for the price represented a better value.

Phone: 1-888-891-0612

They also do international shipping!


Color Wheel - 7 colors
127 Antoinette, 002 Kente, 125 Mystique, 108, 034 Aztec, 005 Green Tea, 009 Just Black
127 Antoinette - Let them eat cake?! No? How about this wickedly sweet, matte fuchsia.
 002 Kente - A bold yet earthy orange with lots of gold shimmer.
125 Mystique - Transform yourself into a sexy, smoked eye siren with this pretty color. Mystique is a brilliant, cobalt blue.
 108A color so beautiful it doens't even have a name. 108 is a perfect matte purple.
 034 Aztec - You'll rule over your empire with sultry looks. Aztec is a brillaint, yellow-toned gold.
005 Green Tea - A breathtakingly refreshing green with gold and green shimmer.
009 Just Black - Rich, deep, and perfectly matte. Just black is the only black you will ever need.

127 Antoinette, 002 Kente, 125 Mystique, 108

034 Aztec, 005 Green Tea, 009 Just Black

Individual Pigments
012 Whimsical, 014 Tanza, 015 Colores, 026 Saffronia, 040 Envy

012 Whimsical - A color that is truly magical. Whimsical is a pinkish purple with gold and violet shimmer.
014 Tanza - Like tanzanite in a jar. Tanza is a true blue with blue shimmer.
015 Colores - Colores is a super fashionable minty turquiose.
026 Saffronia - A pretty yellow with gold sheen.
040 Envy - A gorgeous forest green with serious teal sheen. They'll be green with envy.

012 Whimsical, 014 Tanza, 015 Colores, 026 Saffronia, 040 Envy

* Magnolia Makeup Pigments were sent to me by the owner/creator of Magnolia Makeup.


  1. Thanks for the review Tina, that minty green shade is divine! I gotta check out their shipping criteria to Canada

  2. amazing colors <3
    Need to check out more about that brand :)

    xoxo Christine

  3. Those look SUPER pigmented.


  4. Oh my I wished I new about them sooner I would have love to taken advantage of the pigment sale:-(

  5. Great Review. Have you experienced any irritation w/the purples?
    (just wondering...)


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