Sep 14, 2010

Sugarpill NEW Loose Eyeshadows - THOUGHTS and SWATCHES

Sugarpill NEW Loose Eyeshadows - THOUGHTS and SWATCHES

As some of you may know and for those who didn't, Sugarpill has added 7 new shades to their ChromaLust Loose Eyeshadow collection. These new shades range from pretty pastels to a sparkly black shade. I went ahead and ordered 5 of the new colors to play with.

Birthday Girl - Sweet princess pink with iridescent fuchsia sparkles.

Darling - Stunning teal loaded with iridescent turquoise star bursts.

Magentric - Metallic deep magenta with a dazzling turquoise sheen.

Paperdoll - Lovely lavender with dazzling shimmer and sparkle.

Stella - The blackest of jet blacks, bursting with rainbow diamond sparkle.

Tipsy - High-shimmer true grass green.

Weekender - Metallic blue-violet with intense sparkle and sheen.
My Four Ps
My thoughts on the price and packaging have not changed one bit since my first review which can be found right here - LINK.
The product was close to what I expected as far as the sparkles and texture. They are similar in feel to one of the original loose eyeshadows - Royal Sugar - with lots of glitter sparkles strewn about in a loose matte powder. The colors I picked out do not have the silky smooth finish of some of the other shades - Absinthe and Magpie.
The colors swatched horribly dry and decent when swatched wet. But I have learned to not judge eyeshadows based on swatches (hello MAC Dare To Wear eyeshadows) because in practice they may work very well. This was not the case with these new loose eyeshadows at all.
I tried these in a look with a primer and a base and I could not get the color to show up much less stay on. I swiped and I packed and I blew the house down! I even tried to apply them wet instead to get better color but that didn't work either. I got a glittery mess all over my face and no color to show for it. I was very disappointed to say the least and very annoyed.
I CANNOT say I recommend these new shades at all. They have very poor color payoff and are a mess of glitter. The best way to use these would be wet and since that is not the normal course of action for most of us I wouldn't bother with these at all. But do not use this to judge the previous loose eyeshadows since those are actually pretty good in my eyes. And if you do want to try out the newer pigments...your best bets are Tipsy and Weekender.

Birthday Girl






  1. I actually didn't know they had new colors but I'm not big on sparkley pigments anyway. Thanks for the post though. It's always great to be informed.

  2. Thanks for your honesty. I haven't purchased any of their products yet, but I'd like to at some point.

  3. Oh, I just commented on ur other post before I saw this, silly impatient me :P thank you for your honest review sweetie, I will be skipping these then.

  4. Wooh, ziet er wel goed uit. Alleen iets te veel shimmer voor mij. Jij zal er zeker weer iets moois mee kunnen maken. Liefs, xxx

  5. Yep Olivia. They just came out a couple of weeks ago. They r so pretty in the jar but r a pain to work with. I was very disappointed.

    No prob Jackee. The older stuff is great so definitely check them out when u can.

    Hahahaha Saadeh. No worries. I wanted these to work so much. It actually made me very sad since the other products were so great. Too bad I guess.

    Oh Kalypso. I won't be using these too much. They r hard to work with an I have much better products to replace them.

  6. I was disappointed too... I LOVE most of the older colors but the new ones are not at all that great :(

  7. I own 4 colors of the 1st release and they are gorgeous (my favs are royal sugar and goldilux) and i was very excited to try some of the new shades but i wasn't quite convinced seeing them on swatches and on the lid of some gurus. It seemed they weren't as vibrant as i wanted/expected them to be and gladly i didn't place the order. However, i plan to order a bit of the older stuff again! :) Thanks for your honest opinion. Love your tutorials! XOXO

  8. hi, Tipsy , darling and Weekender look amazing wet on your skin!.
    I was looking for the tese shades , specially tipsy ♥ and darling.
    wIth a wet brush would it be ok? You said taht the best were tipsy and weekender, what differences are there between them and others?


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