Sep 28, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains Collection - THOUGHTS and SWATCHES

MAC Venomous Villains Collection - THOUGHTS and SWATCHES

As some of you may know I went to an unveiling event a week ago for the MAC Venomous Villains Collection with my girl Amy. The collection is now online at MAC and will be in stores on Thursday September 30. See a complete list of the products HERE.

I only picked up a few items from the collection that appealed to me plus I already have a few of the re-promoted/permanent items in my stash.

This collection has been on the minds of MANY MANY beauty lovers the world over. This is one of the most talked about collections this year for sure. Beauty forums are overflowing with thoughts about the collection from the packaging to the villains to the actual products. It had our heads spinning for months upon months.

So you may notice that the prices are a bit more for the items in this collection versus regular products. They are roughly $1 more overall. I'm sure MAC has done this before and they do it yearly for the luxe fall collections so I can't get mad at that. You have to pay a bit extra for the Disney packaging and images. Some products, such as the pigments and nail polishes, are the regular price and available for PRO discount because they don't sport the Disney graphics.

Personally, I'm was not a Disney baby so the whole packaging and such was not a big deal for me. I know some people wished that the packaging was 'better' but I think the graphics stayed true to Disney with a seasoning of MAC tossed in. Would it truly be Disney if the graphics were just sketches of the characters? I don't think so...they used the true representation of the characters on the product packaging and sketches on the boxes which was all well and good to me. But you can't please everybody. I don't feel that the packaging is tacky or childish either...hello it's Disney! It is what it is.


There are a few stand-out products in the collection but I find that many of the shades are dupe-able and not necessarily to die for!

Definitely, the Mineralized Eyeshadows, Toxic Tale Lipstick, Bite of Apple Blush, Briar Rose Beauty Powder Blush will be sold out quickly if not already. If you are interested in these then go get them fast!

I picked up Toxic Tale Lipstick (Evil Queen), She Who Dares MES (Maleficent), Magically Cool Liquid Powder in Cajun (Dr. Facilier) and De-Vil Eyeshadow (Cruella De Vil) just to get one item from each villain.

The lip products are decent but again dupe-able but I strongly suggest taking a look at Toxic Tale and Dark Deed Lipsticks.

Also check out the Mineralized Eyeshadows if you are into darkened, sparkly eyeshadows. These are superb. I didn't get both of them because one of them was purple-ly (you know me and purples).

As far as the blushes go I don't think any of them are to die for but I know people would trample me for Bite of Apple Blush and Briar Rose Beauty Powder Blush. Don't go postal if you miss out on these because you can get similar colors elsewhere.

The regular Eyeshadows are tame and I bypassed them except for De-Vil just so I could pick something up from Cruella. if you already have Coppering then this is a pass.

The Nailpolishes are really pretty but again dup-eable. There are similar/identical colors from OPI and I'm sure other brands as well.

The Greasepaint Sticks are pretty much a re-promote and a rename to be honest. For dark smokey looks these are fun so if you like dark looks go for these.

The Pigments are great as well but are just re-promotes. If you don't have these check them out.

Ahhhhh! The Magically Cool Liquid Powders! I know these are a bit gimmicky and all but I'm happy I picked one up. They are meant to be highlight powders that give a nice dewy glowy look to the skin. The neat thing about these however is the cooling liquid effect.

MAC says that these are made from some of the same ingredients as Fix+ and is 80 or 90% water. Cajun is great! I used it as a highlight powder on my cheeks and forehead and it felt so great on my skin. It's cooling and refreshing and I think hydrating as well. It gave my face a great glow rather than shine which I love (I am oily so dewy and shine are not my friends). Thumbs up! Check this out for sure.

Enough babbling....onto the swatches...

Flash                           No Flash









 Melon, Brash & Bold, Push The Edge

  Melon, Brash & Bold, Push The Edge



  1. De-Vil E/s and Vainglorious were two I liked (but didn't love) that I didn't pick up. I was unsure about the magically cool liquid powder. I wasn't excited abt much of anything in this collection.

  2. Ik was ervan overtuigd dat jij wel een van de eerste zou zijn met de aankopen hiervan. Hahaha, en ja hoor. De swatches zijn zo mooi. Natuurlijk word er veel over gesproken. We hebben het hier wel over MAC. Ik ben zo jaloers. Liefs, xxxx

  3. Great haul. Toxic Tale looks good on you. It is certainly a very bright coral lip color.

  4. great haul and thanks for the review Tina :) I think my haul is gonna be the exact opposit of yours :D
    Toxic Tale looks gorgeous on u! I'm gonna skip it coz I have both Chanel Genial and MUFE #37. I'm gonna get Dark Deed though (u know me and dark lips), Bad Fairy n/p and the lighter cooling powder. I might also get Bite of an Apple but you never know, lol!

  5. Sorry to stray off topic here but do you know where i can find the mac face charts

  6. Thanks for sharing your review. I always like to see what people get and why.

    My purchases are similar to yours. I got Toxic Tale l/s, Heartless l/s (I can't pass on red lipsticks), Violetta l/s, Wrong Spell l/g (a gem in disguise), Wicked Ways l/g, both magically cooling powders (I love them and the cooling effect on my skin!!!) and Bite of an Apple blush (I don't have anything like it). I got those items at the unveiling party in SoHo.

    ...but then I ordered BOTH MES yesterday online, LOL. They are PERFECTION over a black base.

  7. Ohhhh that magically cooling powder sounds so interesting I might actually look out for it ;) That lipstick is amazing on you!! I don't know if I can pull it off, but who knows ;) I don't have many MAC products so I guess I come in the MAC bandwagon just at the right time lol!! PS: I'm a Disney baby hahaha Mermaid, Lion King, Aladdin, you name it ;)

  8. great likey hun..I need that lipstick

  9. I agree Kim. There was a lot of like but not love floating around the collection. The Cooling Powder was a surprise for me because I just got it because it was neat. Now I'm happy I did because it's great for me.

    Oh yes Kalypso. I'm happy I got them early too thx to my girl Amy. They r fun but not that exciting.

    Thx Kristie. Toxic tale is really really bright! I will have to tone it down a bit with gloss to wear it. :)

    Thx Saadeh. It's my pleasure. I knew u would get Dark Deed for sure! I think Toxic Tale would be great for u too u know. I'm going to get the Orly n/p instead since they r cheaper.

  10. Hey Danielle. The face charts r at the bottom of each of the collection pages.

    No prob Erin. U got a lot of the lip stuff. I'm glad u like them. And I'm happy to hear that u love the Cooling Powder too. It's so neat! LOL! U will love the MES. Let me know when u get them and how it goes.

    Hahahahaa disney baby! I hope u check out the Cooling Powder cendana. It's a really interesting product. Join in all the MAC fun hon. U will be instantly addicted. The lipstick is bright but u can always tone it down with gloss for sure.

    Thx Sharon. U better get it fast because everyone is hunting it down.


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