Sep 26, 2010

Inglot Cosmetics Eyeshadows and Pigments - SWATCHES

Inglot Cosmetics Eyeshadows and Pigments - SWATCHES

Hi guys! I wanted to let everyone know that Inglot Cosmetics in Times Square NYC now does phone orders!!!!

You can visit their website at to browse the different products that are available and call in your order at 212-247-8169.

Mini Price List:
Single Eyeshadows - $12
Pigments - $14
Gel Eyeliners - $12

Freedom Pallettes
10 Eyeshadows - Square - $50
10 Eyeshadows - Round - $45
5 Eyeshadows - Square - $30
5 Eyeshadows - Round - $25
3 Eyeshadows - Square - $20
3 Eyeshadows - Round - $15
2 Eyeshadows - Square - $16

I just received my new order from Inglot and I wanted to share the swatches. I ordered a few new eyeshadows and pigments. These eyeshadows and pigments still live up to the high quality, great pigmentation and smooth application I'm used to from Inglot.

 Eyeshadow Nos. - Matte 373, AMC 59, Matte 378


  Eyeshadow Nos. - Pearl 434, Matte 376, AMC Shine 36, Pearl 447, AMC Shine 10


 AMC Pigments - Nos. 30, 34, 42, 43

 AMC Pigments - Nos. 45, 49, 70, 71


  1. Wow....I always wondered about there products too! I think they are great.

  2. Oooooo Tina this came is perfect time! I just did a post the other day on my Inglot swatches and purchase and at the same time was wishing I was there to buy more. Thanks for the update!

  3. I want them so bad now!
    i'm so fortunate to live so close to a store, especially if you life in australia cos we get nothing over here :p
    i'm so going to buy something next time!
    thanks so much for the swatches, they are amazing!

  4. oh wow i love these colors. They look so pigmented :)

    Do ship worldwide?

    x Christine

  5. These swatches are very helpful to me, thanks sweetie :) I'm definitely picking up some Inglot when I'm in NYC in a couple of weeks. Besides the eyeshadows and pigments, what other of their products do you recommend?

  6. Hi Tina how much does the eyeshadows and pigments run? They are beautiful by the way :-)

  7. Wow!! The color payoff on those eye shadows are really great.

  8. Good Morning Tina!!!

    Can you tell us how much the pallettes were?

    Have a great day! Kellie

  9. I'm so silly guys! Duh I should have included some prices! I have added a few of the prices I know off the top of my head and I will call and get some other prices a bit later. So sorry :(

  10. The products r great Tianna. Definitely check them out. I'm in love!

    No prob Me Myself and Makeup. It definitely helps that they are doing phone orders now for sure. How do u like the products so far? Is it love?

    That's great Mandy! U have a great brand over there so u don't have to feel like u r missing out on the others. Inglot is top 5 in my book!

    They r pigmented and fab Christine. I love them!

    No prob Saadeh. U r going to fall in love when u walk into the store. I hear the nail polishes r fab too and the lip stuff but I haven't them myself. Definitely look at the colored gel eyeliners. Those r great! And email me so we can meet up girl!

    Thx Nik. I added a mini price list to the post. I should have done that before silly me.

    Chanel u don't even understand how greta these r! One swipe on bare skin and look at the color. LOVE!

    Hey Kellie girl. I added a mini price list to the post. I totally neglected that before with my silly self.

  11. pretty&vibrant colours..I need these lol

  12. OMG praise the lord! My boyfriend recently went to New York and claimed he couldn't find the store -__-. Now I don't have to punch him when he gets back! Yay!

  13. Wooh, deze kleuren zijn gewoo te hoog gegrepen voor mij. Daar kun je gewoon geen normale looks meer mee maken. Ze zijn zo fel en goed gepigmenteerd. Hele mooie kleuren. Liefs, xxx

    Check it out!

  15. So glad you did this post! I'm going to Vegas in October and wanted to know the pricing of the Inglot shadows etc...I'm about to go crazy!

    Love your makeup looks!!

  16. hii
    thanks for this, could u also give the eyeliner prices in case one wants to buy a collection.

  17. So do they do phone orders for everyone in America?

  18. Hi Carissa. They do orders for the US only. :)


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