Feb 25, 2010

Sugarpill Cosmetics

Sugarpill Cosmetics

"Sugarpill Cosmetics is a custom line of vibrant, richly pigmented, velvety pressed eyeshadows and sparkling loose powders.

The dream of starting my makeup line came about in 2005. While running my fashion line, Shrinkle, I also sold Kryolan brand makeup because I believe that no awesome ensemble is complete without a glamorous face. However, I always wished I had control over the makeup’s quality, brand image, and the products and colors offered.

So I decided to create a new line of unique, luxury eyeshadows in striking hues for fearless color fiends who aren’t afraid to sparkle in the crowd. Sugarpill eyeshadows offer long-lasting wear that remains flawless throughout the day and night, so you’ll never find yourself sneaking off for midparty touch-ups.

Amy (Shrinkle)"

The Allure:
I'm a sucker for bright vivid colors so, of course, I was drawn to this brand after seeing reviews on YouTube. I have always heard great things about Amy aka Shrinkle so I decided to give these eyeshadows a shot.

The Website:
The website (Sugarpill.net) has a simple (but gorgeous) design and is easy to navigate. The colors and graphics are amazing. The products are well photographed and there are very accurate swatches available at the click of a button. The overall look grabs your attention without being overwhelming.

Purchasing, Shipping  and Customer Service:
The website accepts all major credit cards and paypal so no one should feel left out here.

I received a confirmation email for my order within minutes of placing it. I also received a shipping confirmation email about 24 hours later. 
I received my order within 3 business days with a personalized, hand signed sales receipt from Amy. The items came securely wrapped in pretty pink tissue paper. The UPS box had a personalized kitty logo stamped on the box. You also get a free Sugarpill logo sticker with your order and two beautiful business cards.
I must say Amy lives up to the hype! She gives great customer service!

The Packaging:
Hello gorgeous! Well done. Beautiful, unique and definitely not cheap! The packaging of these products is one of the best I have ever seen. The graphics and detailing are amazing. Amy's love for her product shows in how she chose to present them to the public.


The Cost:
Pressed Eyeshadow Singles, Net Wt. 4 grams / .14 oz.- $12
Loose Eyeshadow, Net Wt. 5g - $12
4-Color Palette, Net Wt. 4 grams / .14 oz. × 4 - $34
Eyelashes - $8
$5 Flat Rate Shipping on all US orders, Free Shipping on orders over $75

These prices are reasonable for the product that you receive. The pressed eyeshadows are about the same size as a MUFE eyeshadow for $8 less (and no tax). The pigments contain 5g of product which is definitely worth the price. The palettes are your best bet at $34 for 4 eyeshadows which equals $8.50 per eyeshadow.

I purchased two 4-Color palettes for $34 each and one loose eyeshadow for a total of $80 with free shipping.

The Product:
The colors are bright and vivid and true to the color shown in the pan. If you are into bright colors then these are right up your alley. All the eyeshadows, except for Afterparty (blue) and Midori (green), have a matte finish. Poison Plum (purple) are matte with some fine glitter but not too much (thank heavens). Afterparty and Midori are the only ones that have a somewhat pearly finish but it's not frosty at all.
I was a bit skeptical about the eyeshadows I got...during swatching they came of chalky and powdery. They felt a bit dry and dusty. I was expecting them to be of a more creamy consistency. After actually using them though I was thankful that they applied well over a base. They do get dusty in the pan but apply very well to the lids and do not come off chalky.

Here's what I got:

4-Color Palette in Burning Heart includes Flamepoint (orange), Buttercupcake (yellow), Love + (red) and Poison Plum (purple).

4-Color Palette in Sweetheart includes Dollipop (pink), Afterparty (blue), Midori (green) and Tako (white).

Loose Eyeshadow in Magpie - Black with metallic blue sheen and turquoise sparkles.

Product Package (front and back): 

The two palettes I bought cover 8 of the 9 pressed eyeshadows - I am only missing the Black which I really didn't need.

Here are the 4-Color Eyeshadow palettes and how the eyeshadow sizes compare to MUFE and MAC eyeshadows:

Here is the loose eyeshadow and how the size compares to MAC new and old pigment containers:

Swatches - Eyeshadows (no primer), Loose Eyeshadow (dry and wet):

- Color Payoff. The colors are true to pan. They apply easily and give vivid color in a single layer. Pigmentation is amazing.
- Tako (white) is one of the creamy whites I have ever used. The color payoff is amazing.  
- Love + is a must have eyeshadow. There are very few true red eyeshadows on the market (since red is usually not eye safe). This is a true red color that will have you flabbergasted.
- Magpie is a truly unique color. I have never seen a color like this before. It's like a blackened turquoise color and would make a great smokey eye.
- Customer Service. Amy is the best self starter I have encountered. She is fast, responsive and sweet as pie.
- Packaging.  I see the love and effort that was put into these products and the packaging. Best packaging I have seen from an independent brand.
- Bravo! to Amy! For a new business venture, she has her act well together!

- Give us MORE!
- The only thing I can say that needs improvement is labeling of the palettes and eyeshadow pans. but Amy has already acknowledged this and it is work-in-progress.


I LOVE these products! I was nervous about the eyeshadows but they redeemed themselves. I was very impressed with Amy's customer service and speedy shipping. The prices are reasonable and I will repurchase.


  1. Thanks so much for the review! These e/s are amazing!

  2. Thank you so much for the review and pictures. I'm def contemplating placing an order @Sugarpill

  3. You are very welcome ladies! Definitely check these out...they r amazing!

  4. these r on my wishlist lol..thanks for reviewing this,e colours are so pretty


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