Nov 11, 2010

My Hair Care Regimen


  1. Love this post... Need to get an InStyler myself.

  2. Thx hon! The Instyler is my baby!

  3. I would love to be able to air dry my hair but it's super curly (I'm biracial)and I'd have to blow dry it and flat iron it first. I wear my hair curly and straight and like both styles. My hair is almost waist length and it's just easier for me to wear it curly. When it's straight I get my hair stuck in the car door and I sit back on it and can't move my head.

    Your hair is gorgeous and I love that you don't have any products on your hair!

  4. I saw your hair care regimen tutorial on youtube and also the Instyler one. I ordered it the same day, I have used it already and am loving it! So glad you reviewed it, thanks!


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