Nov 17, 2010

DAILY Makeup Routine

DAILY Makeup Routine

Have you ever wondered what someone's makeup routine is? Like a full detailed list of every single step from start to finish? Maybe there's a trick they do or some little secret that you can add to your routine. I find it interesting to learn what others do and why they do. Please feel free to share your routine with moi and the blog. I would love to know actually.... : )

Here's the method to my madness.....10 Steps to Fancy!

STEP 1 - Cleanse! I wash my face while taking a shower in the morning and at night. I find it easier to wash all the nooks and crannies right there in the shower without making a mess at the bathroom sink. This way I get to wash my neck as well and have the water rinse it all away. I use Shiseido Pureness Foaming Cleansing Fluid for this step.

Every other day or so I will follow cleansing with light exfoliation. I use a dollop of Philosophy The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash for a quick refreshing scrub. It's gentle and effective at removing dead skin cells and makeup residue from the surface of my skin.

And once or twice a week (at night) I will do some extra exfoliating with my Petrika Sonic Dermabrasion Facial Brush for about a minute or so. This is a cheap alternative to the Clarisonic Skincare Brush that  just can't bring myself to buy.

STEP 2 - Eyebrows! Once I complete my shower and I'm dry (still in towel but that is maybe TMI...LOL), I sit down and do my eyebrows on a dry face. This way there are no oils or moisture on my skin that may cause my eyebrow pencil or powder to slip or smudge.
STEP 3 - Moisturize! This is an important step that no one should skip. It may be tricky to find the suitable moisturizer for your skin type and specific needs but it's worth it. I moisturizer after my eyebrows are done for the above mentioned reasons and let the moisturizer sink into my skin while I do my eyeshadow. I use MAC Oil Control Lotion.
STEP 4 - Eyeshadow! This step in and of itself is broken down into numerous mini-steps. First I prime my lids and I usually use NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base. Then I apply my eyeshadow base which is usually MAC Layin' Low Paintpot. Then I go in with my eyeshadow which can vary depending on the intended look but it's usually inner lid, lid, outer lid, crease, outer V, browbone then highlight.

STEP 5 - Clean-up and Concealer! Once my eyeshadow is done (just eyeshadow no liner or anything) I go in and clean up the edges and messy parts with a makeup wipe. I then go in with my undereye concealer. This is to ensure that the eyeshadow doesn't leave a mess on my face and I can conceal any dark circles and any mistakes at the same time. MUFE #14 or #12 Full Cover Concealer are my concealers of choice because they dry quickly without settling into lines.

STEP 6 - Face Primer! I apply my face primer next (or skip it) since my moisturizer has had enough time to absorb and my face is now ready for priming. I have been using Tarte ReCreate™ Silicone-Free Primer (review to follow).

STEP 7 - Liner and Lashes! I now move onto to my liner and lower lashline and then mascara and false eyelashes. This will be my primer enough time to set and I will be ready for foundation.

STEP 8 - Foundation and Powder! Now that my primer has had time to settle I apply foundation. I allow about a minute after applying my foundation to set with powder and I also make sure to set my undereye concealer with powder as well. I have been using MAC Blot Powder in Dark.for my face and for under my eyes Benefit Powderflage

STEP 9 - Blush, Highlight and Contour! This is one of the final steps and I save it for the end because I don't want to change the colors with setting powder. First I apply my blush then add the contour followed by the highlight. Blend and voila!

STEP 10 - Lips! My lips are the last to go on because I need to sit back and decide what lips would go well with the overall look. I apply lip balm on the way out the door and grab the day's lipstick and lipgloss to apply at my desk. I don't use a liner because I don't care about extended wear. I can always reapply if needed.


  1. Interesting.... I have really Oily skin, Maybe I'll give that MAC Oil Control Lotion a try. I must admit, Im LAZY when it comes to skin care. I need to become as passionate with my Skin care Regimen as I am about my Make-Up and Hair.

    Do you do your Make-Up before your hair? I ALWAYS have to finish my make-up before I can start my hair. It never looks right unless my make up is done.

    You have beautiful skin by the way.

  2. I love your blogs you are so informative with your post, so nicely detailed...

  3. U should definitely try out the Oil Control lotion. It is really good for oily skin. Yea girl u better embrace skincare before it's too late but with oily skin u can kinda get away with doing a little less since oily skin ages well.

    I do makeup before I do my hair. Then I can match my hair to my makeup. LOL. Does that make sense? Like a fierce look needs some fierce hair right? I need to see how it all come together.


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