Mar 26, 2010

Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadows

Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadows

I received my second order from Sugarpill Cosmetics! YAY! I ordered 5 more of the loose eyeshadows because I loved the first one (and only) I bought before - Magpie.


First off, the color descriptions are dead on for all these colors. I was going to interpret the colors myself based on how they looked on my skin but I really didn't have to since Amy (Shrinkle) does a great job already.

LUMI - Snow white with turquoise sheen and flashing bursts of blue and green.
Nice highlight color to use with greens and blues. I would use this in the inner corner rather than for a brow highlight. 

STARLING - Vibrant, metallic turquoise with intense sheen.
This is darker than I had expected. I was hoping for a light blue but it is still a great color. I can see using this a crease color.

JUNEBUG - Luxurious forest green with a burst of diamonds.
I am happy with this color because I do not have a true dark forest green in my collection.

ROYAL SUGAR - Striking bright blue with a heavenly burst of turquoise diamonds.
Just gorgeous! I love this color. It's it truly a 'royal' blue and is more vibrant dry than wet. I have no clue why...I thought this was the other way around.

ABSINTHE - A mischievous vivid lime green with yellow undertones. Shimmery!
My favorite color of all 5. I mean WOW! This is the most beautiful lime green I have ever seen! Awesome! It's more shimmery when applied dry and subdued when applied wet...

So here are the swatches...

SWATCHES....left WET, right DRY






  1. Ooohh I love how junebug and absinthe looks. I may have to pick those up for myself.

    Check me out

  2. i love the starling! it's missing in my collection :P

  3. I got Junebug and Royal Sugar too and love them. You need Goldilux in your life, it's just gorgeous!

  4. Hey Klaudia round out ur collection girl!

    Hey Lady! I have been thinking about getting Goldilux but I never seem to use golds so I have been holding out. Maybe when she gets some new colors I will add that to my list. :)

  5. About how long did shipping take?

    PS. those colors look amazing!

  6. Danielle u will LOVE both Absinthe and Junebug! They r stunning greens.

  7. Your swatches are gorgeous, I thought I knew what I was gonna get from Sugarpill but now I'm not so sure! :P

  8. Hey Abby! I recommend Absinthe and Royal Sugar Loose Eyeshadows right off the bat! If u r into colors then definitely get Buttercupcake, Love + and Flamepoint Pressed Eyeshadows.

  9. I justreceived the palettes next I need the pigments Royal sugar&Absinthe...I love blues n greens lol..Thanx for sharing...this was helpful


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