Jun 20, 2010

Taste of the Tropics Look - Tutorial


  1. Hello !

    I’m writing you from France and I can tell you I was thrilled to discover your blog 2 or 3 weeks ago! I am a beginner in make-up and I couldn’t find advices and videos of someone who have a similar skin tone. I love bright colors and when I look at your beautiful works I can picture straightforward what the colors will look on me and that makes the “training” easier.
    I’m very admirative of your make-ups, your tips are useful and on top of that, you seems to be a friendly, good-looking person. And that doesn’t spoil anything, right ? ;) I went through your entire blog (hopefully for me, you did not start it a long time ago) and I had stars in my eyes when I finished. Some of your looks are just amazing: Tanguy citrus, Patty’s day are some of my favorites; you look simply stunning with the aqua climate look while the aqua golden lemon is so sophisticated and golden olive…Ah golden Olive… May I make an humble request: would you do a video for these last two looks? I’d love to learn how to achieve them.

    Sorry for my bad English and this cheesy comment, I just wanted to let you know that someone in France is following your blog and loves it ! Keep going ;)

  2. Hi Guad,

    Thank you so much for your kind words and taking time out to write me such a beautiful note.

    I'm so glad that you find this blog and the YouTube tutorials helpful. When I started out it was just to share and have fun but I realized that I can help others with tips and techniques that have helped me. It's great feeling to get such positive feedback from you and all my blog friends. I'm glad I can touch a small (huge for me) part of the world with my love for makeup.

    I am very happy to help whenever I can. Do you mean the last two looks you mentioned or the two latest looks on the blog. Pelase let me know and I will start working on tutorials for you. I am going to do tutorials for The Velvet Coral Look, Golden Macaw Look and Barely Naked Look this week when I get a chance if you are interested.

    Thanks again for all your love and support. And your English is very good. :)


  3. Hi Tina,
    Thank you for your kind reply :)
    I meant the last two looks I mentioned i.e. aqua golden lemon and golden olive. Those two are sooooo sophisticated and you look gorgeous with them : I want to look gorgeous too :)))
    But no pressure, I am happy with whatever tutorials you make !
    Cheers from France


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