Jun 11, 2010

'Raspberry Punch' Look

'Raspberry Punch' Look

So I started off this look with the Naked Cosmetics Shock Effect Pigment Stack in hand and it totally failed. I am not a fan of these pigments at all...they are borderline useless to me. Let me know if you guys want a full blown review on these because I don't want to just bash the products and hear myself complain.

Anyhow onto the look which I had to resuscitate with Inglot eyeshadows....after I chucked the Naked Pigments out of my way.


I started off with NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base all over my lid up to the brow bone. I also applied MAC Layin' Low Paintpot (matte creamy beige) all over my lid up to my brow bone as my primary base.

On the inner lid I applied MAC Blanc Type Eyeshadow (matte ivory).
Next the middle of the lid I applied Inglot #362 Eyeshadow (matte raspberry pink).
On the outer lid I applied Inglot #371 Eyeshadow (matte vivid blue).
For the crease I used Inglot #388 Eyeshadow (matte purple).
On the brow bone and for the blending I used Smashbox Nude Eyeshadow (matte nude).
For highlight I used MAC Vanilla Eyeshadow (matte ivory).

My brows are filled in with MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Stud.

I lined my upper lashline with Stila Stay All Day Eyeliner in Black.
I lined my lower waterline with Loreal HIP Cream Eyeliner in Black.
I lined my outer lower lashline with MUFE #22 Aqua Cream (shimmery green).
I used Covergirl Lashblast Mascara for my lashes and added Beautee Sense Princess Lashes for effect.


I used NYX Narcissus Lipstick with MAC Fab Frenzy Superglass.

I used MUFE Mat Velvet + Foundation in #70 with MUFE Full Cover Concealer in #12 under my eyes. I set with MAC Blot Powder in Dark. I used MAC Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach for my cheeks.


  1. I love the mix of purple and pink and then green on the lower lashline, very creative :) sorry u didn't like the naked cosmetics stalk; I got Ebony and Ivory sets and love them! I use them quite frequently

  2. You just saved me some money on those Naked Cosmetics pigments-thank you! Gorgeous look as usual!

  3. this is pretty & i love your hair! fighting the east coast humidity can be a chore. this looks like a great way to just roll w/ it. plz do a review on the naked cosmetics stack you don't like. it is refreshing to see that someone doesn't like EVERYthiNG! :O)

  4. Awesome make up and colour combo! I love how bright those colours are :) x

  5. Beautiful. Love the lipstick

    I gave you a blog award


  6. Love the look and your hair!

  7. Hey! Can you confirm that the pinkish color you used in this look is #361 and not 362? I was looking at your post with all of your inglot shadows and the 361 looks peach and the 362 looks like the pink one. I have a friend going to NY and am having her pick up some shadows for me. Thanks for clarifying! And thanks for all the great eyeshadow combinations you do!

  8. Thanks so much my lovelies!!! I can't believe I didn't respond to this before.

    Thx so much Kim hon! I love awards!

    I'll do a review on the Naked Cosmetics pigments to let you guys know for sure why they leave a bitter taste in my mouth.

  9. Hey Janet! U r right hon, the pink color is #362 and not the #362 that I posted before. Thx so much for catching this. I fixed it now! :)

    I hope u enjoy the eyeshadows when u get them. Plz let me know how u like them for sure!!!

  10. TINA!!!! please email me everything about how u get ur hair like this!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE! Im going natural and im at the stage where all i do is wear a bun and im starting to feel depressed. email is hoge06@yahoo.com


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