Jun 13, 2010

Sedona Lace 120 Pro Palette Second Edition - Thoughts...

Sedona Lace 120 Pro Palette 2nd Edition - Thoughts...

When I first started out in makeup two years ago, I purchased an 88 and 120 palette from Ebay - my very first eyeshadows. I wasn't very happy with them and I ended up giving them away. Since then, these palettes have exploded onto the makeup scene and I have wanted to try out one of the newer palettes.

Welcome Sedona Lace to my rescue. This palette was sent to me for review by the promotions manger at Sedona Lacewebsite. As you all should know my opinions are unbiased and honest. I am not receiving compensation for this review.
From Sedona Lace -
Our NEW 2nd edition has now been released. This 120 palette has new shades- more soft and pastel colors. This is still a brilliant 2 layered palette with long lasting shimmer and matte shadows that are very soft and can be used either dry or wet.
Price $28.95

My Four P's...

This palette retails for $28.95 on the website which is about $1 cheaper than many other sellers (Amazon and eCRATER) of similar palettes. In addition, Sedona Lace has offered my readers a discount of $4 off by using the promo code 'thefancyfaced'. So $25 for 120 eyeshadows...not a bad deal at all!

I was very worried about the packaging of this palette and I felt better after receiving it. My Manly 120 palette was quite flimsy and actually cracked at the hinges when I first used it.

The Sedona Lace palette is housed in a sleek semi-shiny black case with two layers of eyeshadows stacked on top of each other. The eyeshadows are protected by a clear plastic sheet which is standard for these types of palettes.

The two layers are completely removable but fit neatly into the lids of the case if desired. The case opens but only one side lays flat while the hinges cause a tilt on the other side. I would have liked both sides to lay flat so that I can lay all the eyeshadows out on a flat surface without worrying about them falling over and shattering. But this is just a minor issue. It's sturdy enough for traveling but I kept the bubble for extra safety. If anyone has any of these palettes then you know the eyeshadows can chip and shatter easily.


The eyeshadows come in a variety of matte and shimmery shades (about half and half). There are also a few repeat shades but I find that these are the universal colors that you need a bit more of - such as the black, white and champagne.

The colors vary enough for me to feel like I'm getting at least 110 unique shades rather than 80 of the same colors but in matte or shimmer (that was my Manly version).

The color payoff varied from texture to texture. Some of the mattes had a bit of trouble with color payoff while the shimmers had no trouble with pigmentation. I added a few swatches for reference. The eyeshadows were creamy and smooth. Even the mattes, which I thought would be chalky, didn't disappoint. You guys know I love my mattes.Some of the colors were super pigmented and so darn pretty. But again, a few of the mattes had issues with showing up (mainly the yellows) although I did find some beautiful matte shades with killer pigmentation.

The eyeshadows are roughly the size of a nickel (not a dime like other palettes) which is the only issue I have with these large palettes. If I fall in love with a color I will panic that I will run out of it. LOL. However, each color will give you a lot of uses so don't worry too much about that.

So how do I feel about this product?

I was impressed after trying this palette out. Some colors really blew me away. A few (about 5-7) of the eyeshadows were very sheer and hard to pack on but overall 95% of the colors had good to great color payoff. I will do a few upcoming looks using this palette as well. I can definitely see some nice dupes for MAC and MUFE colors in here!


This is a great product for beginners or anyone who wants to try out a lot of colors at once to see what works for them. If you are a lover of neutrals then this palette may not be for you since it's loaded with bright colors. If you love bright colors (like I do) then this is right up your alley. It's a good price especially with the discount so if this is something you have been wanting to try go for it!

Website: www.sedonalace.com
Discount Code (for $4 off): thefancyfaced

 Neutral shades - Black, White, Champagne, Silvers 

 Very beautiful pinks. Great color payoff.

 Pretty purples. I see a MUFE #92 dupe lurking.

 These blues are to die for. I was most impressed with the BLUES.

 The greens were nice, some were a bit tricky to work with.

 Nice simple neutrals. Mostly bronze shades. Not many neutral options.

 Look at these oranges! Bright and delightful.

Yellows were my least favorite. Difficult to get good color payoff. There is one great yellow though...and it's a MAC Chrome Yellow dupe...I actually like it better...


  1. Thank you so much for sharing. Many friends of mine own the Manly 120. They promoted it as a great investment. I never heard anyone mention the issues you encountered with the exception of the fragility of the shadows & the packaging. It's great that you were able to hook us up with a discount code! Thank you

  2. Nice!! I have the original 120 palette and its so flimsy each time I open it another cracked eyeshadow appears. This one definitely looks better! Thanks for the review!

  3. I've heard so much good this palette, so many bloggers seem to have it.. I really wish I could shop online too :( There's so many bright and pigmented colours! x

  4. the swatches are beautiful. I wanna get this for my little sister as a present. I already got too many eyeshadows myself, haha :)

    Thanks for the review sweetie

  5. I just won Sedona Lace's 88 Shimmer Palette from this past fridays twitter giveaway. This review just made me even more excited! I cant wait to recieve it! I'll let you know how I like them as well. :) :) :)

  6. Hey 1xellus1! I think the Manly is a good investment too. Both great palettes. They vary in the colors. I think Manly had more replicas or similar shades. I think my major issues with any of these large palettes is the fragile eyeshadows but what to do right. Thanks to Sedona Lace for the discount. I thought that was a nice offer from them.

  7. Hey Biuty! I know right? I kept breaking eyeshadows. We have to be careful with any of these palettes I suppose.

    Awww Joanna that sux! There are some really nice colors in this one for sure.

    No prob Saadeh. This would be great for a starter palette.

    Congrats Santana! Enjoy and let me know how you like it for sure.

  8. Very nice! I think I'm gonna purchase this one.
    Thanks a lot for this post and the discount code :D

  9. hy i'm writing from italy.I would like to know your opinion about the Sedona brushes...do you like them

    Or do you like more the sigma premium set?


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