Jun 28, 2010

'Beach Breeze' Look

'Beach Breeze' Look

I wanted to make use of my MAC Mutiny Pigment which I have never used in a look and this is what I came up with. I recommend getting MAC Parfait Amour Eyeshadow for your collection! It's a beautiful blue-violet color.


I started off with NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base all over my lid up to the brow bone. I also applied MAC Layin Low Paintpot (matte creamy beige) all over my lid up to my brow bone as my primary base.

On the inner lid I applied MAC Haunting Eyeshadow (satin light blue).
For the lid I applied MAC Mutiny Pigment (frosty light blue).
On the outer lid I applied Inglot #58 Eyeshadow (matte vibrant green).
I used Illamasqua Dare Eyeshadow (matte light green) on the outer crease for blending.
For the inner crease I used MAC Parfait Amour Eyeshadow (frosty blue-violet).
For highlight I used MAC Ricepaper Eyeshadow (shimmery champagne).

My brows are filled in with MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Stud.

I lined my upper lashline with Wet 'n' Wild Gel Eyeliner in Black.
I lined my lower waterline with Loreal HIP Cream Eyeliner in Black.
I smudged Stila Smudge Stick Eyeliner in Peacock (cobalt blue) on my lower lashline and applied MAC Parfait Amour Eyeshadow to my inner tear duct area.
I used Covergirl Lashblast Mascara in Very Black for my lashes and added Beautee Senses SmashingLashes for effect.

For my lips I used MAC Thrills Lipstick topped with MAC Kumquat Lipglass.

I prepped my skin with Stila One Step Primer/Corrector. I used NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Tahoe with MUFE Full Cover Concealer in #12 under my eyes. I set with MAC Blot Powder in Dark. I used MAC Instant Chic Blush for my cheeks topped with MAC Comfort Mineralized Skinfinish.
I highlighted and contoured my cheeks with MUFE #1 Sculpting Kit.


  1. Gorgeous as usual....here's a random question...how long does it take you to apply your makeup/ LOTD in the morning before work?

  2. very pretty combo! thanks for sharing!

  3. i forgot to add that you're looking particularly beachy! nice tan. LOL also, that crisp white shirt contrasting w/ ur tan is very nice!

  4. I love it! Actually, this is one of the few times I have almost all of the colours you have used (I don't have any Inglot products) so I may have to give this one a go (with a dupe for the green - If I even have one!). I love that you are not afraid to use all kinds of colour combinations!

  5. This is a hotter version of a rainbow eye. You're just way too creative with colours, I wish I was in your head :P

    How's the smudgetick lasting power? I wanna snag some from Sephora next time I go there

  6. can u do a look with neo orange pigment

  7. question so for most of your looks you use a neutral paint pot over a one of those colorful ones l;ike MUFE aqua creams..because I only have two mac Paintpots Groundwork my skin color and delft paint pot... i have a few NYX jumbo pencils but I was looking to get a lavender aqua cream for when I do light color purple like beautiful iris and parfait amour.

    How do u get you colors so vibrant with just a neutral color paint pot. I know you are lighter than me I am NC45

  8. Thx Olivia! I usually take about 15-25 minutes for a look depending on how crazy I get. I also moisturize and prime first then pick out my clothes and iron then apply makeup.

    Thx 1xellus1! I actually try to avoid the sun like the plague during the summer. LOL. I can't stand tan lines or uneven tans so I keep away. But I wear white all summer which makes me look like I have a tan even though I'm the same color. But...I'm going on vacation tomorrow and will be on the beach alot! I'm sure to come back looking bronze. LOL!

  9. Thanks so much Jonna!

    Thx Sarah! It's so weird how I come up with these combos. I sit at my makeup desk and toss things together and decide I WILL make them work! LOL! Sometimes it's a total fail but most times it's turns out OK. i say just go for it. I think Landscape Green pigment is a good substitute.

  10. Thanks Saadeh! I'm sure u would get scared in my head. U would have numbers and eyeshadows chasing u. LOL! The smudgesticks actually last all day on my lower lashline. I haven't tried them up top but I'm sure they would do just as well. They r a bit pricey and not very unique. But if u want to test them out they r not a bad investment.

  11. Anonymous...it would be nice to get a please too :)...but I'll see what I can do. I haven't touched that pigment yet so that's some motivation for me.

  12. My secret spot is Saks Fifth Avenue. I dont think many people are brave enough to walk in there so they usually have MAC stuff when its sold out else where.

  13. Hey Camille!

    I use a neutral paintpot for most of my looks but I also use colored bases on my lid sometimes for brighter colors.

    I use the same foundation as you then. I'm also NC45. I find that Groundwork Paintpot dulls colors rather than enhances them as with most darker bases. I would suggest using Painterly instead as your neutral base (apply lightly of course since it's lighter than our skin). Layin low is perfect but it's discontinued.

    The lavender MUFE Aqua Cream is very pretty but has glittery bits in it. I have used it with Parfait Amour and I liked the result.

    The NYX Pencils make me nervous because they crease on me so I don't use them (altho I own a lot of them).

    I use a MAC 239 brush to pack on my colors so maybe that helps to make them more vibrant. if you watch my tutorials u can see I don't do anything too special. IDK :)

  14. Thanks I will get that Painterly paintpot one day.. I am trying to cut back on my makeup purchases and finish the stuff I have..at least some of it.... this pass month alone I bought like 1 lipstick, 2 lipglasses, spike eyekohl, float on by liner and fix plus spray and a second 239 and 217 brush.......


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