Jan 13, 2011

Rock & Republic Eye Colors - THOUGHTS and SWATCHES...

Rock & Republic Eye Colors - THOUGHTS and SWATCHES...

I figured I would do this post since Rock & Republic Eye Colors are on sale now for $14 each on the  Rock & Republic website with an additional 50% OFF using the coupon code: ROCKCOSMETICS.  That is a great deal for high quality products if you ask me.

From bold and daring to subtle and chic, Rock & Republic's richly pigmented shades of eye color completely saturate lids, allowing eyes to speak volumes all on their own. The cushiony-soft, ultra-blendable formula comes in shades ranging from electrifyingly vibrant to sharp and sleek, while matte (M), shimmer (SH) and satin (S) finishes let you be the ultimate master of your beauty domain. Unique, creaseless formula stays put.

Saturate Eye Colours
  • Available in three finishes: matte, satin or shimmer
  • Long wearing, formulated for easy application
  • Richly pigmented
  • Fine jet-milled powder
  • Net weight 0.11 oz

My 4 Ps

The sale price is fantastic! They are $14 on sale and $7 after discount for an eyeshadow that is double the size of a MAC eyeshadow (0.11oz to 0.05oz)! Even at full price ($28) they are still cheaper than a MAC eyeshadow per ounce. Hello bargain!

If you are familiar with Rock & Republic cosmetics then you know the packaging is top notch. It exudes decadence and luxury. The eye colors come in silver and black metallic packaging with the R&R logo embossed on the top and a mirror inside. The container is solid and sturdy for sure! Add to that the box that they come with. It is a sleek round box reminiscent of a watch case. Interesting for just an eyeshadow but of course high end luxury brands go all out.  

Oh my gosh! These are the smoothest, most finely milled eyeshadows I have ever tried in my life! I expected high quality of course but wow! These are so smooth and silky, almost like second skin. They are pigmented but in a neutral, subtle sense. These are not bold in your face colors but rather richly pigmented everyday neutral shades. Maybe you have to see swatches to understand. the color payoff is great but the texture is phenomenal! LOVE!

These glide onto the skin like butter with our without primer. They are very true to color and blend beautifully. Oh how divine. I have nothing bad to say!

At these prices these are definitely worth it! Even the original price is worth it if you want rich decadent color from a high-end brand. The eyeshadows are smooth and buttery. Note that these are neutral subtle shades so do not expect bright colors at all.

SABOTAGE - Shimmery golden bronze

ALLOY - Shimmery peachy gold

FADE - Satin light grey/lavender

PARANOID - Satin red based violet

TWISTED - Shimmery red based violet

ELECTRIC - Shimmery blue based purple

JADED - Shimmery light green

ENVY - Shimmery dark forest green

BRINK - Shimmery light golden silver teal





  1. These are nice I am like the packaging

  2. They had the Rock & Republic eyeshadows on HauteLook and I passed but this deal is even better than what they were selling them for on that site! Its definitely way worth it at $7 a piece... Grabbing a few now!! Lol

  3. Thatnks for the info. I just went and ordered four.

  4. Thanks so much for the info!! I got 15!

    I was trying to find good, high-res swatches of all of them, but they were all either really small, bad lighting, or incomplete. :( I think I'll be happy though! ;)

  5. Thanks for the swatches and review! Went to try to order a bunch of them from Canada, but the taxes, duty, and delivery would have a mounted to more than twice the price of the shadows. Booo.

  6. Were you able to use the referral credit? Was your shipping expensive? I have 6 items in my cart and shipping is 16.95!

  7. The packaging is top notch Tysh!

    Hey Candy. I bought these from Hautelook and I wish I hadn't. This is a much better deal. Let me know what u get.

    I hope u like them Ribena. Keep me in the loop.

    Hahahaaaa Suzy Q! 15??!!! U go girl! I hope these swatches helped a bit. I had a hard time finding good swatches too. Sux!

    They r tempting Kendra and for good reason too.

    U r welcome Dini. That's the drawback! Shipping is expensive! The packaging is bulky so they use big boxes to ship which adds to the cost. But because of the discount it was still worth it to me. But twice? Ouch!

    I was able to use the credit - 50% off. Yep shipping is expensive as all hell. Bulky packaging = high cost. Still for 6 high end eyeshadows $60 is not so bad - $10 each...cheaper than MAC and better quality and more product.

  8. Hey Tina, thanks for the review of these shadows. I just placed my order, free shipping with purchase of $150.00...got 16 eyeshadows and 2 blushes. total $152 with the 50% off code. Such a great deal...
    Have you tried their blushes? I got Shameless and Immoral.

  9. No prob Patrice. Wow! That is a fantastic deal! I haven't tried the blushes but I hear they r such great quality...awwww man I should have gotten one! $152 for all that is amazing right? Especially since they so such high quality! Let me know what u think of the blushes when u get them please.

  10. Thanks for the review! I purchased two of their pressed powders from HauteLook. After using them and your review of the shadows, I had to get more of their products. I purchased a blush (Shameless) another pressed powder & some eyeshadows. I cannot wait to get them!


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