Jan 25, 2011

Happy 1st YEAR Blog Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 1st YEAR Blog Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!

We made it to one year!!! Yippee!!! Can you believe it???!!!

I started this blog January 25, 2010 with my first post on The Elusive Eyebrow. My follow up posts for the first month was a mix of swatches and looks and even a review. I never expected the blog to grow to where it is today...andI know many people say that...but seriously...this was really meant as a makeup diary of sorts.

I wanted to keep track of my looks and swatches for future reference and for anyone who wanted to see swatches of certain products. I used to share my looks on Makeupgeek and Specktra anyway so why not have them all in one place so I could always look back and see what I did and what products I used.

But now it has grown to my own little makeup community with great members and friends! WOW! We are now at 1050 subscribers and 440 posts to date! And quite frankly, without your support and love I would never have gotten to this point.

So I want to THANK YOU ALL for a FABULOUS FANCY YEAR! Cheers to lots more! YAY!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary!
    For more years to come.
    I'll be here :-)

  2. Congratulations!!! I wish you many more years of continued blog success!!


  3. congrats Tina! here's to another year of blogging, more posts and subscribers!!

  4. YAAAAAY!!! congrats!! n can i just say that for me, personally, this blog has been my go to blog since November... i come here BEFORE i go to makeupgeek, before temptalia, before spektra... i try to recreate alot of ur looks and when i do i ALWAYS get compliments at work (my workplace is just about as flexible as urs when it comes to makeup, dress code, etc.)... and when they ask how i do my eyes so beautifully *rolls eyes*(its never THAT gud, lol) i say, " i watch tina from thefancyface.." and show them ur blog... I REAALLY DO! im actually gonna do one of ur past looks (maybe the red dragon one, or the iced green tea look) for an event im attending in a few weeks! YAY! ive seen a few critiscisms of ur work on another site basically sayin that ur makeup was too gaudy or bold or draggish or whatever (and im sure u no which one im referring to) and i jus shake my head and think, wow, this girl must be REALLY, REALLY BOOOOOORING!.. I LOVE UR LOOKS! 98% of them id wear on a regular basis if i cud!... NEWHOOO, from a true fan i have ta say THANK U SOOOOOO much for sharing ur looks and reviews and collections... they have truly helped and guided me on my makeup journey! again congratulations and may u have MANY, MANY more to come...

    P.S. sorry, sometimes i tend to ramble... oops.

  5. Congratulations on anniversary&on having so much followers hun, Ur blog is AMAZING,u deserve it.Wish u Many more blogging years to come lol

  6. I agree with Sarah. I first stumbled onto your youtube channel. Once you starting speaking of your blog. I was on it. I look forward to your looks, and on a daily and I mean daily I visit your blog. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary and I wish you many more to come. We love you.

  7. Happy Anniversary & much continued success! I concur with all of the well wishers here & have to also agree that your blog is where I go for my daily beauty inspiration!

  8. Happy Anniversary!!! :)


  9. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary. My blog anniversary is a few weeks away and I wish I had as many followers as you, I'll get there eventually :)

  10. Happy anniversary!!! :):):)

  11. Happy Anniversary! I agree with everyone, your blog is truely my go to blog. My pockets have a dent in them from purchasing items to build my kit and to re-create some of your looks.

    Keep up the good work and may you continue to inspire me (us) for many years to come.


  12. Congratulations!!!! Happy Anniversary!!

  13. Congrats Tina!! Your blog is the best :D


  14. Congratulations! Do you have any tips for those of us who are just starting out? How can I get people to check out my site!?

  15. Congrats to you and me both.
    1st anniversary of your blog and my 26th birthday

  16. Congrats on a successful one year! I wish you many more to come, keep em coming ;)

  17. Thx Mercedes! I'll be here with u hon. *hugs* :)

    Thanks Aficionado doll.

    Thanks Thess my sweet!

    Thx Prissy! Cheers to years to come!

    Thanks so much yummy!

    Thanks so so much Sarah! I love the rambling...it keeps me smiling! I don't pay attn. to those girls from the other site. For every 1 of those comments I get 50 that show love. I know my looks are not for the tame of heart but to each their own. U know what I mean? U can compliment a look even if it's not ur style. Ahhhh! But it's comments like urs that keep me sane and I LOVE it! I'm glad u r liking the looks and using them as inspiration. Thanks for sharing the love girl! *HUGE HUG* Cheers to more years!

  18. Thanks so much Sher!

    Thx Nickie! I'm so glad u r liking the blog! Loving this great support!

    Thanx Stavroula honey.

    Thanks so much Kendra. U guys rae making my day! Love ya!

    Thanks Brittany. :)

    Thanks Anisha!

    Thanks so much Monique. Heee heee! I hope u like the new products as much as I do :)

    Thanks Viva Glam! Girl keep doing what u do and u will make it. Just remember to have fun!

    Thanks Diana hon!

    Thansk Klarissa!

    Thanks Mary Elizabeth. I really don't have any tips. I have no idea how I got this far really. I just love what I do and I guess people can feel that passion too. Just have fun and don't just go after subscribers. Your love will shine thru and people will gravitate towards that.

    Thanks Arezu my luv!

  19. Gaudy, bold, draggish ??? I learnt some new vocabulary today but in the other hand, I do not think they really applied here. I love the colors and the creativity of the looks on this blog. So keep on going dear blog and happy birthday to you !

  20. Tina!

    I've been with ya since March 2010. I just created a blog so I could follow you, but I always had your bloggy bookmarked.

    You are nice to your subscribers and you do amazing things with makeup!

    Thank You!


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