Jan 4, 2011

Daily Foundation Routine


  1. I know I've said that before on another YT video but again: It appears you are the only makeup guru that knows how to handle a camera.
    Thank you for the great quality and keep up the excellent work! :)

    (Pshh also, if I had your skin I'd toss out my foundations for good ha ha!)

  2. I use that sigma brush. Love it too! It really is amazing. Nice tut!

  3. Great Video! I currently use a foundation brush or beauty blender to apply foundation on myself or my clients but I'm going to give that Sigma brush a try!!!

  4. Thanks so much godfrina. I try my best and I'm glad u like it :) Heee heee! I'm actually happy to have easy skin...I would die if I have to cover up a lot. It takes sooooo long! This is y I'm happy deal with the oily skin too because believe it or not it's much easier to deal with than dry.

    That's my fave foundation brush too jinz!

    Thanks LaTonya! The Sigma brush is a life saver! U will never go back if u try it!

  5. nice video.. i want to try that brush now =)
    btw really cute blog!


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