Jan 3, 2011

Kat Von D True Romance Palettes - THOUGHTS and SWATCHES...

Kat Von D True Romance Palettes - THOUGHTS and SWATCHES...

A palette of eight eyeshadow colors from tattoo-artist Kat Von D.

A smoky eye adds an instant air of mystery — create your own with the True Romance Eyeshadow Palette. Designed by reality television star Kat Von D especially for Sephora, this artistic spectrum of shades brings an edgy-glam creativity to your makeup. The sleek black eyeshadow palette is stenciled with silver roses and arrives packaged in a silk-screened black and silver box that is itself a work of art — and inspired by Kat's favorite tattoo.

Size: 8 x 0.05 oz
Price: $34

Availability: Sephora stores and Sephora.com

The Beethoven palette contains the shades:
- Lucifer (matte charcoal black)
- Speed Blue (dark metallic blue)
- Razor Gray (warm gun steel shimmer)
- Tequila (metallic cornsilk shimmer)
- Galeano (metallic medium plum shimmer)
- Sinner (metallic purple black shimmer)
- Leather (matte dark brown)
- Rad Purple (light lavender shimmer)
- Two double-ended applicator brushes


The Metal Orchestra palette includes an octet of shades:
- First Class (light champagne shimmer)
- Techno (bright blue shimmer)
- Thrasher (deep blue shimmer)
- Dagger (matte navy blue with sparkles)
- Lucifer (matte charcoal black)
- Glock (gun metal silver shimmer)
- Razor Gray (warm gun steel shimmer)
- Slayer Cream Shadow (silver shimmer)
- Along with two double-ended applicator brushes


The Ludwig palette contains the shades:
- Lucifer (matte charcoal black)
- Orbi (golden green shimmer)
- Dimebag (metallic lime green)
- Clay (beige with gold glitter)

- Tequila (metallic cornsilk shimmer)
- Downtown (metallic light copper shimmer)
- Baroque (golden bronze shimmer)
- Leather (deep chocolate brown sheen)

- Along with two double-ended applicator brushes


The Momento Mori palette contains the shades:
- True Cream Shadow (true blue)
- Solitude (lavender shimmer)
- Meditation (light bronze shimmer)
- Agatha Pink (light pink champagne shimmer)
- Sugar Skull (light yellow champagne shimmer)
- Peggy (turquoise shimmer)
- Hard Luck (deep green shimmer)
- Tijuana (blackened brown with sparkles)


My 4 Ps

Each of these palettes are priced at $34 and contain 8 eyeshadows which equates to $4.25 per eyeshadow. These are the same size, 0.05 oz, as a MAC Eyeshadow which goes for $14.50 each and an Urban Decay Eyeshadow which goes for $17. These even work out cheaper than NYX Single Eyeshadows which go for $5.99 for 0.07 oz. Needless to say these are a great bargain!

The eyeshadows are housed within sleek black (white for Memento Mori) palettes which are adorned with tattoo images. The palettes have a snap clasp which is very very secure and therefore makes these palettes ideal for travel. Inside each palette is a full sized mirror which is not usual for eyeshadow palettes and two dual brush-ended applicators. The applicators for me are throw-aways and not really functional at all.

Each palette has a set of 8 coordinating shades from light to dark. Most of the eyeshadows are frosty in finish but there are a few mattes and satin shades added to the mix.

The Beethoven palette has a great assortment of cool toned eyeshadows with blue, purples, silvers, pink, brown and black. Five of the shades are metallic frosts, the brown and black are pigmented mattes and the dark purple is a great satin with sparkles. This palette would be great for deep smoky looks and even simple daytime looks as well. This is a very versatile palette with numerous possible color combinations.

The Ludwig palette has great warm earth toned eyeshadows and would be prefect for neutral lovers. There are four earth toned bronze and browns, a matte brown and black and two great greens. These colors are great for simple everyday looks and can easily be amped up for nighttime wear.

The Metal Orchestra palette is focused on blues and silvers with a silver cream shadow added in. There are beautiful blues shades in this palette and even a great sparkly deep navy blue. This palette will be great for smoky blue looks, smoky silver looks and a combination of silvers and blues. This is definitely more geared towards bold looks and nighttime wear.

The Momento Mori palette was a limited edition palette that is no longer available at Sephora but can still be found online. This is a great palette with an assortment of colorful bright shades which is a step outside the other palettes. This palette comes with a bright blue cream eyeshadow, a gorgeous lavender and a beautiful turquoise, three light shimmery shades and two deeper shades in dark green and a sparkly deep brown.

These eyeshadows are all very pigmented and apply smoothly to the skin. The eyeshadows are on the softer, powdery side and can (most likely will) cause issues with eyeshadow fallout during application. Besides that, they great solid eyeshadows with fabulous color payoff and work very well together and with other colors.

The cream eyeshadows are not my fave because they apply patchy to the skin so I would avoid the palettes with more cream eyeshadows (read the Adora palette).

These palettes are definitely a great value for the price (especially of bought on sale at $24) and the amount of product included. The eyeshadows have super great pigmentation without a need to layer on too much product. I do recommend these if you find one (or more) that appeal to your tastes. Beware of the fallout though.


 The Beethoven palette: Lucifer (matte charcoal black), Speed Blue (dark metallic blue), Razor Gray (warm gun steel shimmer), Tequila (metallic cornsilk shimmer), Galeano (metallic medium plum shimmer), Sinner (metallic purple black shimmer), Leather (matte dark brown), Rad Purple (light lavender shimmer) 

 The Metal Orchestra palette: First Class (light champagne shimmer), Techno (bright blue shimmer), Thrasher (deep blue shimmer), Dagger (matte navy blue with sparkles), Lucifer (matte charcoal black), Glock (gun metal silver shimmer), Razor Gray (warm gun steel shimmer), Slayer Cream Shadow (silver shimmer)


The Ludwig palette: Lucifer (matte charcoal black), Orbi (golden green shimmer), Dimebag (metallic lime green), Clay (beige with gold glitter), Tequila (metallic cornsilk shimmer), Downtown (metallic light copper shimmer), Baroque (golden bronze shimmer), Leather (deep chocolate brown sheen)


 The Momento Mori palette: True Cream Shadow (true blue), Solitude (lavender shimmer), Meditation (light bronze shimmer), Agatha Pink (light pink champagne shimmer), Sugar Skull (light yellow champagne shimmer), Peggy (turquoise shimmer), Hard Luck (deep green shimmer), Tijuana (blackened brown with sparkles)


  1. they are on sale!! When did you bought these kat von d palettes on sale? Oh tell me you bought it this week? does the sale include all sephora stores?

  2. when did you purchase these kat von d palette? Did you bought them on sale this week in sephora! Oh tell me you bought it on sale this week! Please let me know tina!

  3. Shame we can't get these in the UK! :-(
    Enjoy..they look lovely.

  4. Thanks for the review. It's funny, everything I've been eyeing at Sephora, you've done reviews on this past week! LOL...I was just going back and forth about buying these palettes...think I'll get them...

  5. I really like the last set of swatches but I'm on e/s no-buy :(

  6. Sorry hon. The only one on sale now is the Adora Palette. I bought these when they were on sale as soon as I saw the sale last year. But they go on sale periodically.

    Awww Mercedes. The UK is holding you makeup hostage!

    Hahahaha Ouli. Seems like we think alike huh? :) Let me know if u grab these.

    I understand Saadeh. I should go on a no-buy too!....not likely... :)

  7. You have the best swatches of the Kat Von D Palettes... thanks so much! :-)


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