Aug 19, 2010

Wearing High Heels - TIPS

Wearing High Heels - TIPS

DISCLAIMER: I'm not a professional at all and I am only speaking from my experience. Please proceed with caution and attempt at your own risk. Consult a health professional for thorough educated guidance : )

Wearing high heels is one of our feminine claims to fame! High heels have long been associated with sex appeal and female prowess and we wear them with pride (and pain). Yes, many say its a masochistic or even misogynist form of torture along the line of waxing, tweezing and corsets!

Who doesn't like a sexy pair of high heels to make us feel like the vixens we are! And face it - our legs and butts look fab in a good pair of stilettos!

But alas, with the joys come the sorrows and with the va voom comes the PAIN....oh and the impending doom of falling over....another story for another time...

Now here are a few TIPS and TRICKS I learned over the many years of wearing high heels....and yes I wear high heels a good 320 days out of the 365 a year. This will help to minimize the pain and hopefully make high heels more comfortable to wear. And yes...there will still be a slight ache no matter what since our feet were not meant to be on a constant slope for hours. But I promise you will get used to it.

1. Platforms are the best form of high heels for those who want to try it out but feel pain just looking at them. Because there is a platform you are really only feeling about 3 inches of the total 5 inch heel. 3 inches isn't that bed when you think about it.
2. The arch of the shoes is MOST important. A more gradual arch is much more comfy than a severe angle. You will only know this from trying on the shoes and prancing around a bit. Try to get an arch that is similar to the natural slope of your foot so the sole of the shoe can fit flush against your foot.
3. Foot cushions are essential! When I walk in heels I naturally put the weight of my body on the front or the ball of my foot. Because of this I have foot pads in all of my high heels to add cushion and support. I buy mine at Payless - No Slip Shoe Cushions. You can also use the rear cushions if you put your weight on your heel rather than the ball of your foot.
4. Width matters! Girth? Oh my! Well...anywho...the width of the shoe will affect your comfort. If the front of the shoe comes to a point and is tight across your toes then of course it will not be comfortable. Be sure to choose the right width for your tastes and tolerance. The more room your toes have to move around and breathe then the less painful the shoes will be to wear.
5. Size matters too! Ladies please make sure to get the right size. Trust me it is all for the best even if you have to get a size 14. I have even gone up a half size more just to get a more comfortable fit and even down a half size too. The key is to avoid any rubbing or squeezing on your foot
6. The style of the shoe can also play a part in the 'wearability' of the shoe. It's best to get a supportive shoe - one that holds your foot in place. Rubbing and bunching and pinching is no fun. walk around in the store first to make sure everything feels just right. Straps and cutouts can get painful so beware of that.
7. When all else fails remember to have a pair of flats or flip flops handy. I keep a pair of cushioned Adidas slippers in my car for just the reason. i can give my feet a break if they get too overwhelmed.


As pointed out in the comments (thanks Angelys and favorisntfair) sometimes the sole of high heels can be a bit slippery because there is are no ridges. There are many options to help with this including no slips that you can apply to the bottom of the shoe and making your own ridges by 'roughing' up the sole of the shoe (cobbler, shoemaker or plain old DIY).


  1. I'm glad you posted this!

    I've REALLY been getting into heels and trying to wear them more often but sometimes I feel like I'm wasting my time because I don't last long. I'll definitely keep your tips in mind (:

  2. So basically its going to be uncomfy no matter what right? Or until u get used to it. I thought some women had a gift to wear heels like a 6th sense. And others, like myself, just are not that gifted in the shoe dept. Thanks for the tips!!!

  3. You r welcome Arezu! I hope these tips can help u a bit. U will get the hang of it soon.

  4. LOL Tiffy! Yea I guess I made it sound that way. U will get used to it but it takes time and effort and there will always be the slightest ache no matter what. Our poor feet would ratehr be flat afterall.

  5. This is my type of post. I like that you covered the basics and on a quick post. Info prevents injuries. lol... Also, there are some heels in which the sole is slippery and you find yourself walking weird to prevent from falling. For those I use "speedwell" (link below). They work wonders. No more walking funny.

  6. Hey Angelys, You can go to a shoe repair store and just have them to rough up the sole of the shoe for you. My cobbler uses this little machine and it takes about 1 min. Most shoe repair stores/cobbler's will do it at no charge.

    This is an awesome post Tina! I love wearing heels but they definitely take getting used to and the pain never goes away completely. lol

  7. Thnaks for the tips. Some of them are really usefull.


  8. favorisntfair: Thanks for the tip on the heels post, I didn't know... :-)

  9. great post..thanks for sharing..I love platform heels I find that they r more comfortable for me

  10. great tips..
    i want to try on my home..

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