Aug 11, 2010

MAC Fabulous Felines Collection...Wishlist!

MAC Fabulous Felines Collection...Wishlist!

MEOW! Or something like that....

MAC fans may already know about the upcoming collection due out in the US on August 26, 2010. Read all about it on's the LINK. Credit goes to the fabulous gals Erin and purplerinne on Specktra!

It will be a huge 3 part collection ala Spring Forecast back in March. It has an assortment of eyeshadow palettes, pigments, blushes, brushes, lipsticks, lipglasses, lip liners and the new Superslick Liquid eye liner.

I want to know what is on your wishlist. Here's mine (short and sweet) - one palette (because of the veluxe pearl black), one pigment (because I'm a obsessed with new pigments), one lipstick (lavender pink) and I'm checking out the new liquid liners although I may only pick up a couple of them:

Leopard Luxe Eyeshadow Palette
Wild by Nature
- Mid-tone camel (matte)
Style Predator - Frosted mid tone yellow orange (veluxe pearl)
Notoriety - Mid-tone brown with gold pearlized pigments (velvet)
Furiously Fabulous - Frosted warm black (veluxe pearl)

Lithe - Warm nude with gold pearlized pigments (frost)

Of Royalty - Light creamy blue pink (cremesheen)

Superslick Liquid Eye Liner
Nocturnal - Bright silver with pearlized pigments
Smoky Heir - Dark blue violet with soft pearlized pigments
Signature Blue - Dark navy with soft pearlized pigments
Pure Show - Bright yellow gold with pearlized pigments
Marked for Glamour - Mid-tone grey with soft pearlized pigments
On the Hunt - True black
Desires & Devices - Sparkling dark green
Defiantly Feline - Chocolate brown with soft pearlized pigments
Treat Me Nice - Emerald green with soft pearlized pigments


  1. I need at least 3 of those liquid liners in my life...haven't decided which ones yet.

  2. Girl I was going to hit you up about this collection, all 3 liners is a must, may get 1 palette and maybe one of the pigments. By the way when I open your blog, your voice on the video just comes on and when I go to the video its still in pause, weird

  3. I'll have to go check out the pics so I can make my list! UGH! MAC is killing the wallet!

  4. i like this collection but I am saving up for Venomous Villains on 9/30...that looks HOT!

  5. So far, I just want the Leopard Luxe and Burmese Beauty quads. Of course in person that list may get longer, haha so we'll see.

  6. My wishlist is small, Kittenish l/s and Bloodline p/m. I like fall collections as I love vampy makeup. But there are way too many things I want from various brands so I have to be careful.

    Love ur wishlist :)

  7. I know what u mean Ribena. I am all over those liners.

    No prob Hershley. Spreading the word. :)

    Hey Tysh. Yep u know we have to check those liners out. They have felt tips rather than brushes so that should be good. I deleted the YT link. I couldn't fix it so I just axed it instead. Too annoying.

  8. U an dme both jackee. There r so many collections coming up.

    U know what Iry...I don't even want anything much from VV but I will bechecking it out anyway too. :)

    I hear that Artemis. I fear what damage I may do in person. I better be careful not to get caught up.

    That's the way to go Saadeh. I'm not as excited for fall collections because they tend to be dark or neutral....definitely not me. But we'll see what I do in person. :)

  9. Hey Tina - have you ever ordered from It seems to be too good to be true...

  10. Lipglass
    Best of Breed
    Lap of Luxury
    A Quiet Roar

    Pet Me Please

    Antiqued Green (missed it earlier)

    Eyeshadow Quad
    Palace Pedigreed Quad

    Everything is awesome but I'd get the most use out of these. Can't wait to see what you do with these.

  11. I think this collection is gonna sell more than the Venomous Villains collection. I work at MAC and we got the Fabulous Felines collection in to review before we sell it. Those palettes are definitely gonna sell out along w/ the pigments. I've seen swatches of VV on Temptalia and I'm only impressed w/ two nail lacquers and two lipsticks. IMO.... VV sucked. Anyway, Tina you will LOVE that palette.

  12. Hey Anonymous. Nope I never have and probably never will. If it seems too good to be tru then it probably is. Besides MAC does not have any wholesale sellers of their product at all. Sorry.

  13. Hey favorisntfair. That's quite a list! I see u love the lip products. U have to tell me how u like them since I'm only getting one lipstick.

  14. U think so Brittany? I think VV will go fast because it's Disney and we have some serious Disney fans out there. I think both collections will go fast. I agree with u with the palettes and pigments going fast too! I wonder which one will sell out first??!! U have to let me know how crazy it gets (if it does). And I agree with u again with VV. I'm not in love at all. I want probably 3 things overall. But I'm bet those Disney fanatics will be all over it.


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