Aug 24, 2010

MAC Fabulous Felines Collections - Haul and Thoughts...

MAC Fabulous Felines Collections - Haul and Thoughts...

Curiosity killed the cat...meow or yawn!

After checking out this collection person I wish I hadn't but I must press on for the sake of the blog. This collection is a complete skip if you want my honest opinion except for a couple items.

If you are a pigment collector and you do not already own the pigments that debuted with this collection then by all means go forth and multiply. Definitely grab Old Gold, Antique Gold and Gold Stroke. Skip Lithe if you already own Naked or Jardin Aires or any of the light nude pigments. Bloodline is new but just a dark muddy color so I stayed away.

You can definitely skip the lip products because they are on the sheer side...unless that's your thing. If I buy a lipstick I expect bang for my buck so skip...

The mineralized blushes are worth mentioning because I grabbed one. They are nice colors but not to die for at all. Utterly Game, which is the one I picked up, is a soft coral color that looks great on my skintone so I'm so it would look great on lighter skin too. It reminds me of Stereo Rose without the metallic frost. The Soft Meow is close to Comfort MSF so that's another dupe if you missed out before. Pet Me is a very very light pink that would look pretty on light skintones but not on me.

The short handle brushes seem to find fans all over so again if that's your thing or if you need travel sizes of these brushes then enjoy.

The palettes are blah! Very blah! The eyeshadows are very tame colors that can be duped 100 times over. If you love palettes or have nothing similar then maybe you would find one palette to suit you. I picked up the Leopard Luxe palette from my wishlist just because...I didn't mind the colors and the two dark greys were pretty enough.

The new liners are pretty pretty pretty but take some work. They are very watery and take forever to dry but if you have some patience then they are decent to work with. What kills me is the price - US$17.50 for 1.8ml / 0.06 US FL OZ. What???!!! Urban Decay liners have 4 times that amount for $18.  At $17.50 these shouldn't require the work they do. Screw you MAC with your crap! As if! Skip these and go with Urban Decay.

Superslick Liquid Eye Liners

Pretty right? Yea but MAC can suck salt with these!


Leopard Luxe Palette


Utterly Game Mineralized Blush


  1. I think I have to have those gel liners. VERY helpful post. THANKS!

  2. Ah. Thanks for the swatches and review. Too bad I didn't get to read this before I placed my order for some of those products earlier this afternoon. Boo...

  3. lmao @ "MAC can suck salt" being from St. Croix everytime I hear this it just simply cracks me up and makes me miss home sooooooo much!

  4. thats sucks that the liners didnt work out! yeah i think ima skip out on the collection. thanks alot!! love your blog! be sure to enter my give away!

  5. Im a little confused. i made my list and was actually going to leave myself broke for this collection, but u totally got me second guessing. As for the liners, i believe they are going to be part of the permanent collection so no need to get every color now.
    But im still itching to get something.

  6. Great review Tina. I love your sense of humor and agree MAC should have made the liners a little bit less expensive. They are really pretty though!

  7. thanks for your review sweetie, I was already planing on skipping but now it's 100% sure I will. I think I've totally fallen off the MAC train, I haven't been excited about much since late last year

  8. thank you for your honest review!!!

  9. this collection is a disappointment and quite boring, honestly. but hey, look at the positive--at least now you can use the money from not buying too much from this collection on venomous villains instead!!!! -_-

  10. Girl I have my review written out to type out tomorrow,lol. Ladies do not waste your money, I went crazy last Thursday got home and was like DAMN a waste of money. I took back 5 of the liners back, very disappointed,

  11. I can't resist the newness of it all. Glad I skipped the blushes though! Thanks for the post

  12. Bedankt voor de swatches. Leuke review.
    Liefs, xxxxx

  13. i felt the same way, i really wanted to like something but nothing struck me. I would have loved to hear something good about Bloodline pigment but oh well. Maybe i'll still check it out, thanks for the honest review!

  14. We appreciate your candor Tina! Thank you!

  15. Let me know how it goes Miryam. I would have tried harder to like them if they weren't so small for the price.

    No prob Dini. There is always return. U may actually like what u ordered so don't give in yet. What did u get?

    Hahaha at St. Croix.

    I wanted to love them so much Hershley but at that price and u get that little? No way!

    Tiffy make sure u check them out in person first to make sure u like the products. They r nice but nothing special so u may like these if u have nothing comparable.

  16. Thx Kristie. I agree they should have made these cheaper or with more product. The liners r just not a good value at all.

    No prob saadeh. This one is a skip. I haven't been excited either. Maybe my season is done. LOL. But I will still check things out for the blog.

    U r welcome Amina.

    LOL Iry. Very true...but I doubt I will be getting much from VV. Just because it's not my style.

  17. LOL Tysh. Get that review out there. I'm glad u warned me for real!

    I know what u mean Sabrian. LOL. It's new and we r sucked in. :)

    No prob Kalypso.

    I'm with u Eriko. The Bloodline Pigment is just a murky dark color. I wasn't intrigued.

    I'm an open book Sha. No prob. :)

  18. Thank you for you honesty on this collection!!!

    I figured the liners would be a waste of time. I'm sticking with Urban Decay.

    You're right, the quads are seriously dupeable. I wish MAC would come out with quads with colors that are NEW.

    I was gonna get Lithe pigment, but since you say it's similar to Naked, I'll skip. And I didn't think Bloodline would be murky, but when I saw swatches from different people, I saw what you meant.

  19. You were so right about this collection Tina! It left SOOOO much to be desired. I was just...speechless. Im so glad I didn't prepay for the stuff on my list. I would have been livid! This was the most bland, blah collection disappointed. Even w/all the swatches from Temptalia and other bloggers, it was just not that beautiful in person. I only got 3 lipsticks and they are not that great alone. Definitely needs some glosses or creamsheens on top to make them work.


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