Nov 29, 2011

Urban Decay The Revolution High-Performance Lash Curler - THOUGHTS...

Urban Decay The Revolution High-Performance Lash Curler 

A sleek lash curler that eliminates one-size-fits-all curling with its open cage design.

This lash curler lets you curl your lashes all at once or in sections and won't pinch your skin. Urban decay's innovative design has eliminated the maddening bars on either side of your old eyelash curler so that it handles deftly with an open cage. It includes five replacement pads that can be swapped in and out to keep your curler clean and springy. The shiny gunmetal finish, along with the unique design, visually sets this curler apart from others on the market.
  •   The Revolution comes with five replacement pads that should be changed every three months.
    •   Urban Decay recommends purchasing a new curler every 18 months.
    •   Rest the curler's wide crescent against your eyelid for optimal positioning, and then gently squeeze for crimp-free results.
    •   It's most effective when you use your right hand to curl the right eye, and your left hand to curl the left eye.

    The Urban Decay The Revolution High-Performance Lash Curler is priced at $20 and includes 5 replacement pads. Personally my package didn't have replacements pads which I am very upset about. It is among the highest priced eyelash curlers on the mid-high-end market. You may think the "innovative" design accounts for the higher price and if you prefer the little spring action is worth it then great! Otherwise, there are many brands with the no-cage design and for less bank! Check out Japonesque or Tweezerman for cheaper alternatives. I bought this during the Sephora Friends & Family sale and saved a couple dollars but for the price you can still get cheaper comparable eyelash curlers.

    The Urban Decay The Revolution High-Performance Lash Curler is available online at Sephora and in Sephora and Ulta stores. 

    The Urban Decay The Revolution High-Performance Lash Curler is a no-cage design eyelash curler with the usual scissor type handle. It has a similar design to traditional eyelash curlers except this curler has a spring action feature for quick release rather than the typical manual action of other curlers. This is the "innovation' behind this eyelash curler and what is supposed to set it apart from others.


    The Urban Decay The Revolution High-Performance Lash Curler takes the traditional eyelash curler and adds a twist. Nothing is new about a no-cage design since there are many already on the market. The difference with this curler is the spring action rather than manual action. The curler stays open due to the spring and closes only when you squeeze the handle. For me this is quite nifty since I hate having to pry open a lash curler, then clamp them on my lashes and then have to open them to release my lashes. This curler works in one motion - already open so just clamp and it releases once you let go! Viola!

    Now, I will say I don't need a lash curler for curling my lashes at all so the curling results were not earth-moving for me. However, this curler does do the job of curling your lashes as any eyelash curler would. My whole thought was why wouldn't it? I have seen reviews that say this eyelash curler doesn't curl the lashes at all. And the engineer in me wanted to figure out why! It seems that the cushion pad in this curler is thicker/wider than my Shu Uemura Lash Curler which will lead to a looser curl. Follow me on this...think about a 1/2"  curling iron barrel versus a 1" get a tighter curl with the 1/2" right? Same concept here. Because the pad is wider the curler will also be wider and therefore may not be as noticeable especially on shorter lashes. I personally had no issues but it's something to note.

    Next is the pinching problem I have also read about. Honestly, any eyelash curler will pinch your skin or lashes if used incorrectly. Don't blame the curler, blame your technique. Practice makes perfect. Be sure to test and retest the angle of the curler and don't just clamp down in one quick motion. Take your time and try your best to avoid the skin. Plus hey, there are no sharp edges here to cut and jab!

    The no-cage design was one of the reasons I bought this curler in the first place. I cannot use traditional cage curlers without stuffing and jamming my poor lashes into the confines of the cage (long eyes?). Plus I use false eyelashes a lot and they tend to add to the width of my eyelashes. The no-cage design allows me to easily curl one section at a time with cramming all my eyelashes into a little cage.

    Now, I may not need a curl for my eyelashes but this little tool comes in really handy for blending false eyelashes with real ones. I simply curl my lashes and the false eyelashes together for a seamless look. Perfect!

    And of course there is a drawback...always is huh? The pad in this curler will NOT STAY PUT! It pops out without much effort and I have had to re-position it each time I use this curler. What the heck is that? Urban Decay needs a better securement method for the pad for sure. I can see me losing the pad easily if it pops out and goes into hiding. There are two little rubber bands that come on the curler initially which I suppose you can keep for holding the pad in place. But why should you have to do that with a $20 eyelash curler? Plus Urban Decay instructs you to remove them. What a pain! Other curlers don't do that.

    The upper part of the clamp is not as wide as the lower part (with the pad) so it leaves room when they are aligned and will not pinch or crimp the eyelashes. Some people have noted that the clamp can become misaligned and that is due to the rivets being loose. That is something Urban Decay needs to adjust. Maybe use a screw instead for easy tightening.

    I am on the fence with Urban Decay The Revolution High-Performance Lash Curler. On one hand I like it for the cage-free spring action design which works great for my lashes and false eyelashes but on the other hand I think it is slightly overpriced considering others on the market. Alas, I recommend it but only if your other options are within the same price range and you want a cage-free design and you don't mind the "loose popping pad" issue. Otherwise feel free to grab a cheaper one!

    What do you think? Have you tried this curler? Do you want to try it?


    1. It didn't have replacement pads? How weird! You should go to Sephora and explain, I'm sure they'll exchange it for you!

    2. Agreed with other comment, let Sephora know about the missing pads!
      I bought one of these because I couldn't find any cage-less eyelash curlers around Sephora or Ulta (at least not a few months ago). Honestly, I love it. The cage gets in my way due to the curve and I have a hard time getting the edge lashes, the Revolution curler gives me much more control.

    3. I've not tried this curler yet, but I may give it a try. My lashes tend not to hold a curl very well. Do you have any suggestions for that? By the way, I absolutely love the way you review products.

    4. Try using lash glue (like Duo) to hold the pad in place :) and then its really easy to remove and replace the pad when its time!


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