Nov 8, 2011

Ben Nye Grande Lumiere Palette - THOUGHTS & SWATCHES...

Ben Nye Grande Lumiere Palette 

Turn up the volume for beauty and fantasy!  Add shimmer and pizazz with luminescent Lumiere colors. Luminescent shades are produced in our exclusive formula to produce a silky consistency. Apply dry like an eye shadow for soft shimmer. For opaque, paint-like colors apply with water.

Take along our Lumiere Palette when vibrant colors are a necessity.  Professional metal palettes are available in either six or twelve "must-have" color assortments for beauty, fantasy or face and body painting.  Brush included.  All shades are available as Palette RefillsEmpty Palette Boxes are available and ready to fill with the colors of your choice. 

6 Color Palette:  
Ice (RL-1), Aztec Gold (RL-3), Silver (RL-4), Azalea (RL-16), Cosmic Blue (RL-6), Sun Yellow  (RL-6)

Price: $34.50 and UP
Size: 0.75 oz / 21.6 g (approx. 0.125oz. each)

12 Color Palette:  
Ice (RL-1), Aztec Gold (RL-3), Silver (RL-4), Azalea (RL-16), Cosmic Blue (RL-14), Sun Yellow (RL-6), Iced Gold (RL-2), Tangerine (RL-7), Chartreuse (RL-10), Jade (RL-8), Royal Purple (RL-17), Amethyst (RL-14)

Price: $59.50 and UP
Size: 1.5 oz / 43.2 g (approx. 0.125oz. each)

The Ben Nye Grande Lumiere Palette (12 colors - the one I bought) is approximately $59.50 for 1.5 oz of product. Each eyeshadow is also sold individually for approximately $9.00 for 0.09 oz of product or $6.00 for the refills which have the same amount of product. I think the quantities are a bit screwy though - on some websites the refills are touted as 0.13 oz but the individual shades are 0.09 oz. while the palette carries about 0.125 oz per eyeshadow (1.5 oz ÷12). Weird right? Either way, I will go with the majority and say individual shades are 0.09 oz.and refills are 0.125~0.13 oz.

I debated on how to do the price comparison and finally decided that it is only fair to price it out by palette price and individual eyeshadow price since all the colors in the palette are available in individual form as well.

At the end of it all, nothing compares in quality and price. NYX is the closest in price vs. value but the quality of the Ben Nye Eyeshadows far exceed NYX so no cigar!



The Ben Nye Grande Lumiere Palette is available online at various stage makeup websites and at various retailers of Ben Nye makeup. I bought my palette from the Silly Farm website because I have purchased from them before and had a good experience. Another good website that also provides international shipping is Stage and Makeup Online. Ben Nye products are also available at some costume supply stores such as Ricky's NYC. Finding Ben Nye takes some finagling in Google but it's worth the extra effort. And don't be turned off by the clown makeup websites either...all part of the fun!

The Ben Nye Grande Lumiere Palette is not so much a palette but rather rectangular metal tin with a snap-shut indent and slots for the Ben Nye Lumiere Color refills. Inside there is none of the 'fandangles' found in higher-end palettes - no mirror, no artistic design - just plain and simple eyeshadows in their glory.

Each eyeshadow (or refill really) is in its own individual little black plastic pot that pops in and out of the metal tin like buttons. Remember those snap buttons? Childhood memories! Each eyeshadow also has a protective plastic cover that can be saved for travel. There is a protective sponge sheet that can also be saved for travel to prevent any tousling around of the eyeshadows inside the tin.

The names and numbers of the eyeshadows are printed inside the metal tin for easy reference and there is even a artist brush for your pleasure. The brush is not bad quality at all but may not be the most practical for eyeshadow application...maybe for face painting though.

While the packaging isn't the fanciest, it is good for travel and is sturdy enough to take some abuse. I would be careful when popping the eyeshadows in and out of the palette though because they can break or chip in the process. These are not the snap buttons of our youth when we learned to zip, tie, snap and button!


The Ben Nye Grande Lumiere Palette features 12 (or 6) intense and bright eyeshadow colors for the colorful pixie in us all. All the colors have a frost finish which varies in intensity based on the actual color and whether or not they are used wet/dry.

These colors are not for the tame of heart. They are bold and bright and pack super pigment! There is also a great assortment of tropical colors and both cool and warm tones. If you wanted a rainbow...well here it IS!!!

Ice (RL-1) is an ice-y white gold with a slight silver sheen that intensifies when used wet. It is great to use as a highlight for the tearduct area or under the brow. Because of the silver sheen it may show up ashy on darker skin.

Aztec Gold (RL-3) is a shimmery yellow gold which will work on most skintones. It has a a slight orange tinge that shows up beautifully on the skin.

Silver (RL-4) is a deep tin-fold silver with a slight blue tinge. It looks is metallic when used wet.

Azalea (RL-16) is the most pigmented bright fuchsia pink I have ever experienced in my makeup life. It is shockingly bright even when used dry and does not require any packing on to get full color. It can lean a bit red toned but the cooler tones show up next to other cool toned colors.

Cosmic Blue (RL-14) is another intense color. It's a beautiful bright cyan blue with sheen that packs full pigment in one swipe - wet or dry. Stain alert can leave behind a blue tint on the skin after removal.

Sun Yellow (RL-6) has got to be my favorite yellow of all time. It is rich and vibrant frosty sun yellow (perfect name) with a golden hue. It shows up extremely well on the skin without the need to load up the color. This is the best yellow I have ever used.

Iced Gold (RL-2) is similar to Ice but with more of a yellow gold sheen. Also beautiful for a highlight.

Tangerine (RL-7) is a yellowed orange color with a golden sheen. Great color when used dry but can be really intensified when used wet.

Chartreuse (RL-10) is a bright pigmented sour apple green with a yellow undertone. It's pigmented in one swipe and when used wet gives a gorgeous yellow sheen.

Jade (RL-8) is a great teal color that can lean green or blue depending on what it is paired with. Great pigmentation in a swipe. This one has a slight grit to the texture that is due to the fine shimmer infused in the color. It may be touch rough on the lid so be careful. It can also stain the lids because it's so richly pigmented.

Royal Purple (RL-17) is a grape purple with a lighter purple sheen. Much better color payoff when used wet or with a primer. This one also has that same slight grit as Jade. It may be touch rough on the lid so be careful.

Amethyst (RL-14) is a duochrome color with a pinky base and purple reflects. Pretty color that reminds me of MAC Parfait Amour but lighter. Works decently but needs to be packed on for vivid color. I think this one is more of an accent color than a main feature.

All the colors are ultra-soft and buttery and apply like a dream to the skin. They also bend very well without losing pigmentation. There can be a bit of fallout if not pressed against the lid due to the softer texture so be mindful of that. They work best with a primer but actually do pretty well on their own. The wear time time is 6-9 hours without any noticeable fading or creasing.

The Ben Nye Grande Lumiere Palette is a phenomenal rainbow palette! And from I can tell the eyeshadows are fantastic so don't hesitate to try the individual shades. The colors are highly pigmented, creamy smooth and delightful to work with. This palette is a must-try and I am kicking myself for delaying so long on getting it. It's a great value for money and you will not be disappointed at all! (unless you prefer neutrals)

Do you have this palette? What do you think? Do you want to try it?

Ice (RL-1)

Aztec Gold (RL-3)

Silver (RL-4)

Azalea (RL-16)

Cosmic Blue (RL-14)

Sun Yellow (RL-6)

Iced Gold (RL-2) 

Tangerine (RL-7)

Chartreuse (RL-10)

Jade (RL-8)

Royal Purple (RL-17)

Amethyst (RL-14) 


  1. I love BN. I don't have a full palette but I do have a few of these as single eyeshadows and they work amazingly! Xo

  2. Very pigment! I say it's worth the price.

  3. Have it, love it, but rarely use it. I'm going to have to change that.

    I love how your posts remind me of gems in my collection that hardly see the light of day.

  4. I love Ben Nye products, I own this palette and love it... but I need to give it the love it's suppose to get... definitely a must have in the collection if you love bright, vivid colors.

  5. i just love ben ney
    the quality is amazing

  6. Amazing review! I want this palette so badly and while I still can't justify the price at the moment it's really nice to see that breakdown!

  7. I've been eyeing this palette ever since I got into make-up. It's definitely on my wishlist.

  8. I absolutely love this palette, so pretty! I use it all the time :)

  9. Hopefully Ben Nye will be at IMATS 2012 in New York. May be able to buy at a discount.

  10. I agree Leigh. They r quite amazing!

    So true JoJo!

    Come on Amy, show Ben some love. LOL! Now stop just collecting and enjoy the gems I know u have :)

    Cool youngandbeautiful. Let me know what u think.

    U and I think alike Kimmy. Such a bright color lover's dream :)

    Oh yea Alshaikha GhadeeR! I think we all agree with u on this!

  11. Thanks Robyn. I was the same way as u. I just couldn't justify it. But I'm so glad I finally broke down and got it. I hope u get it soon tho.

    U and me both Arezu. I was fighting it for so long that I finally gave in. Great wishlist item for sure.

    Great to hear Seana. It's so good right?!

    KJ2007 I think beauy supply stores like Alcone and Nigels may bring their Ben Nye products along to the show. Keep an eye out.

  12. I love the pigmentation! Have to buy this one..


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