Nov 30, 2011

Euronext Premium Remy Clip-in Human Hair Extensions - THOUGHTS and DEMO...

Euronext Premium Remy Clip-in Human Hair Extensions 

Euronext Premium Remy Clip-in Human Hair Extensions are virtually undetectable affordable, lightweight and easy to attach to your hair. Use all the pieces for added overall length or a few pieces to add volume or highlights.

 -  Created to blend with anyone's hair color
 -  100% Premium Remy Human Hair
    Euronext Remy Clip-in Human Hair Extensions are made of Premium Remy Hair that is of the highest grade human hair extensions available. Extra attention and care is exercised during the entire manufacturing process.

    This attention during manufacturing promotes alignment of the hair cuticles, which greatly reduces tangles and mimics natural hair flow. Premium Remy Hair ensures a better human hair extension experience.

    Euronext Remy Clip-in 14-Inch Human Hair Extensions package contents include:s one 8" wide weft, one 7" wide weft, one 6" wide weft, one 5-3/4" wide weft, four 1-1/2" wide weft, two 1" wide wefts with no snap clips attached (for color testing). 

    Heat Styling Tools: The use of heat tools (curling iron, flat iron, blow dryer) are not preferred or recommended. If you choose to use a heat tool, adjust setting to low to help keep the hair looking healthy. Using steam or dry rollers will ensure longer lasting extensions. Steam or dry rollers cause less stress to hair than heat tools.

    Hair Styling Products: Hair finishing and styling products should be used sparingly. Too much product will cause buildup on extensions. Products that contain UV protection may discolor hair extensions. 

    • Price: $99.99
    • With Beauty Club Card: $94.99

    The Euronext Premium Remy Clip-in Human Hair Extensions is priced at $99.99 and includes 8 different sized clip-on wefts and 2 bonus clip-less wefts. They are 100% premium remy human hair. I do not have much experience with hair extensions but I do know from shopping around that 100% quality human hair extensions can get quite costly and are priced upwards of $100. Also, many variety packs that carry 6-8 wefts can cost above $200. So all in all, with Sally Beauty Club discounts and coupons, I think these are quite reasonably priced and a great value for money. Hair extensions are an investment and human hair is best so these were right up am alley.

    The Euronext Premium Remy Clip-in Human Hair Extensions are available online at Sally Beauty Supply website and in Sally Beauty Supply stores. 

    The Euronext Premium Remy Clip-in Human Hair Extensions come in a simple package which include:s one 8" wide weft, one 7" wide weft, one 6" wide weft, one 5-3/4" wide weft, four 1-1/2" wide weft, two 1" wide wefts with no snap clips attached (for color testing) and 2 bonus snap clips. There are 3 snap clips on each of the wider wefts and 1 on each 1-1/2" wide wefts.


    The Euronext Premium Remy Clip-in Human Hair Extensions are my first experience with hair extensions and I was impressed by the ease of use and the quality of the hair.

    Firstly, the extensions feel very natural and are not shiny or slippery like synthetic hair can feel. The color and flow of the hair blends perfectly with my own with showing any difference in texture. This is a definite bonus. I don't want anyone to be able to "tell" that it's not my real hair.

    The seam of the extensions where they clip into the hair are well done so as to blend in with the base of your hair. The snap clips are also well hidden beneath the seams to conceal any signs of the extensions.

    The snap clips are easily opened and snapped into place without much effort but be sure to practice with them. They hold very very well to your own hair without slipping or ripping at your natural hair. You do not need to "tease" your hair to provide additional "grip" for the snap-clips. I only wish they would make the snap-clips the same color as the hair to conceal them even more. They don't show at all when you wear the extensions but I suppose it would be a bonus.
    There are 3 snap clips on each of the wider wefts and 1 on each 1-1/2" wide wefts. I think the 3 snap-clips are ingenious because some extensions I have seen come with only two snap-clips at each end which leaves the center sagging. Having 3 is perfect for securing the entire weft in place without sagging or bulging.

    I haven't had any major issues with hair shedding although a few strands do come out if handled rigorously. The care is also very easy - wash and condition just like your natural hair. They detangle very easily as well without damaging the seams.

    Since these are human hair you can also heat and color style them as you wish. I would suggest a low heat setting and heat protectant products to avoid damage but I have had no burning using my flat iron on the highest heat setting.

    They wear comfortably and look great for hours on end. I do however, feel some sensitivity on scalp after wearing these for a few hours (5-6 hours). I think this is due to the weight of the hair and the snap-clips. Be mindful of this if you have a sensitive scalp like I do. 
    These are not the thickest extensions on the market so you may need 2 packs for extra volume but that is a personal choice. I have 2 and I only use about 11 pieces altogether for a full look. They are available in different colors and 14" or 18", straight or wavy. If you color your hair just go ahead and grab the blond version and color them to match your own hair color.

    Overall I highly recommend these! if you have been curious of the extensions I have been wearing these are them and I love them. They are an investment so they are not the cheapest things out there. But for quality human hair I say these are great!

    Have you tried hair extensions? What is your take? Recommendations?


    1. I use luxy hair extensions, they're really really great and only a little bit more expensive ($120) than the ones you reviewed. I bought them from, I don't think you can buy them in person.

    2. I like the way you write. Awesome, keep it up.
      You have given full information about Clips.

    3. Hi, Tina:
      I use clip in hair extenssions too. I love your blog!
      Try to put the snap clips about 1/2 inch far from your scalp, special with the pieces you put nearest to the crown. It worked for me.


    4. Very nice views. Also want to see you with new post also.

    5. Your video is outstanding - thanks!

    6. It's a complete post about real human hair extensions and video is great help for the hair extension users.

    7. you have the detailed information about remy hair. Thanks for sharing it.

    8. Indeed the Hair extensions is the best solution of every hair problems especially to women like me. Actually I have one at home and I love wearing it.

    9. How do you know and what can you do if you got a bad batch. Everybody talks so wonderful about Euronext extensions and I have used only one of them because after I washed it , it didn't look the same. Super straggley, cant comb through it and dry and split ends after one use. Help please.


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