Nov 7, 2011

Black Stripes OUTFIT

Black Stripes OUTFIT

This outfit is pretty simple but at the same time sleek and chic. I'm wearing a regular fitted black tank top (2 Cute) paired with black skinny trouser with gold zipper accent front pockets (H&M). I topped it off with a horizontal black and white single button cropped blazer (Forever 21), a long gold charm necklace (Mandee) and gold hoop earrings. The shoes are simple black platform leather pumps (ZIGIny from Love My Shoes).

(As demanded by Crystal! LOL!)



  1. you know what I love about your style? you NEVER look bitchy or something, even with amazingly high heels or 'lots' of make up on. i love how elegant and feminine you look ALL THE TIME! you're gorgeous!

  2. Awesome outfit!!! I love the pumps!!!

  3. SEXY FOR DAYZZZZZZZ!!!!!!! Love my fancy, LOL

  4. Thanks Tiffany!

    Hahahaha Nora! Thanks so much honey! That is just awesome! I know what u mean tho...the snooty look that some girls get when they get dolled up. Idk what that is :)

    Thx Santana :)

    Love u too Tyshie! :)

    Thanks Naturally Fashionable my dear.

    Thanks Ahka. It is very versatile I agree.

    Thanks True luv!


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