Mar 7, 2011

M∙A∙C Frayed To Order NAIL LACQUER

M∙A∙C Frayed To Order NAIL LACQUER

The M∙A∙C Frayed To Order Nail Lacquer from the M∙A∙C Jeanius Collection is quite a unique color. I wasn't initially drawn to the color but after swatching it in store I had to have it.

Frayed to Order - White matte with soft pink duochrome pearl 
10 ml / 0.34 US fl oz

The color is just as described - a matte white with soft purple opalescent duochrome. What makes it interesting is that it dries to a matte no shine finish but there is a pearl iridescence that reflects in the light. If you add topcoat then the matte finish goes away and you will have an opaque opal color. I find this interesting and lovely since I was always a fan of the opal nail colors of the late 90's but wished I could get a  more opaque color. And now I do.

But this nail color is not without flaw. It is a matte nail polish and as such the application is tricky since it dries so quickly. A easy trick to applying this nail color is to use a medium thick coat to slow down the dry time. This way you can apply a full coat before the nail polish starts to set and clump. I did need 2-3 medium thick coats for a streak-free finish but I love the result.

Another great thing about this color is that it looks fantastic over a dark basecoat. As with duochrome eyeshadows, a dark base color will bring out the duochrome color and the nail polish will become a brilliant pink. This is a great effect if you want to bring out the uniqueness of the nail color.

M∙A∙C Frayed to Order (2-3 coats) topped with Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat

M∙A∙C Frayed to Order (alone) and over a dark blue nail color


  1. I love duochrome polishes. This one is a great one for Spring.

  2. This is the polish I want .... so pretty! Hope they aren't sold out by the time I get there!


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