Mar 22, 2011

'Dark Chocolate' Look

'Dark Chocolate' Look

Hey hey hey guys!!! I'm back! YAY!!! Chicago was cool (and I left with a few serious bruises from playing Whirlyball) but I am just happy to be home.

I did some major haulage these past couple of weeks and you guys will be treated to swatches and reviews coming up. Let me know if I should do a haul video with a quick overview of ALL I's a lot! I picked up a few new things and a few old ones that I have been asked to review and there are some hits and misses so stay tuned.

Anyways I am just happy to be back and I must say I missed you guys. Oh...and I have a few more Stash Report posts to get us chatting again since the last post was quite a hit!

Happy Spring!


I started off with Urban Decay Primer Potion all over my lid up to the brow bone. I applied MAC Groundwork Paintpot (satin taupe) all over my lid up to my browbone as my primary base. Sonia Kaskuk Large Crease Brush

On the inner lid and tearduct area I applied MAC Ricepaper Eyeshadow (shimmery champagne). MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush
Next on the lid and slightly into the crease I applied NARS Mekong Eyeshadow (espresso infused with gold). MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush
On the browbone area for blending I used Smashbox Nude Eyeshadow (matte nude). Sigma Medium Angled Shading - E70 Brush
For highlight I used MAC Ricepaper Eyeshadow (shimmery champagne). MAC 252 Large Shader Brush
For my lower lashline I used MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner in Lord It Up (deep brown infused with gold) topped with NARS Mekong Eyeshadow (espresso infused with gold). Sigma Small Angle - E65 Brush

My brows are filled in with MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Stud and NARS Coconut Grove Eyeshadow (matte blackened brown). Paula Dorf Eye Definer Flat Top Brush

I lined my lower waterline with L'Oreal HIP Cream Eyeliner in Black. Sigma Eye Liner - E05 Brush
I used MAC Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara for my lashes.


For my lips I used OCC Melange Lip Tar (satin coral).


I primed my skin with MAC Oil Control Lotion and Tarte Clean Slate Primer. I used MAC Studio Tech Foundation in NC44 - Sigma Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki Brush - for my face and set my t-zone with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark - Sigma Round Top Synthetic Kabuki Brush.

I used MAC Gingerly Blush (matte capri bronze) for my cheeks - Sephora Professionnel Contour Blush/Bronzer Brush #43 and MUFE #1 Sculpting Kit for contour and highlight - Sigma Angled Top Synthetic Kabuki Brush.

See how HAPPY I am to be back???!!!


  1. Really pretty look, & yes please do a haul vid.

  2. Love it! Welcome back! :-)

    I've been meaning to get Mekong e/s for a long while, 'cause it's such a pretty color.

  3. I love this smokey. It's beautiful. Glad to have you back. We have missed you too. Yes I think you should do a Haul video of what you got.

  4. welcome back Tina! Happy Spring!
    ca-ute look!
    mekong is on my WL. you worked it out! love that melange (i think of the movie dune when I hear that name..."the spice melange")
    can't wait for your haul post. Thanks for sharing! :O)

  5. Beautiful look =D Welcome back.

  6. last pic's amazing! your smile is too cute :) i'm very happy you're back TOO! checked your blog daily to see whether you're back home again :) i love your blog...:) and, not to forget that, BEAUTIFUL look! love your lashes...think I have to purchase that mascara too :D

  7. Welcome back Tina, this looks is so pretty. It's a nice contrast with your green blouse.

    I wanted to ask how did you get your blog tag on your pics? I need something like that for blog pics. Thanks

  8. Welcome back Tina, we missed you! This is such a beautiful look. I don't have many NARS eyeshadows - in fact I think I only have one! What are your thoughts on NARS eyeshadows generally good/bad?

  9. Hello tina, welcome back. i am going to try this look tomorrow only.
    By the way which camera do you use as it captures the colours perfectly.

  10. Great post as always! You didn't make it to the MAC Pro Store in Chicago????

    I have a question: I heard that the NARS Single eyeshadows--especially the ones with glitter do not blend easily or adhere to the lid. Looking at your pictures I see very little glitter (but the color is beautiful), so do you think a different primer would help or should I avoid all of the NARS eyeshadows with glitter?

    I'm supposed to go to my cousin's wedding in June and my EX will be there so I gotta look fabulous! I hope I can learn to apply makeup before then. I need as much help as I can get! Otherwise, I will NOT be attending.
    Thanx hon!

  11. I missed you... love the look and the shirt! Please do a haul vid!

  12. Mercedes "PicassoEyes13"March 22, 2011 at 6:42 PM

    YAY,You're back!! F-A-B as always!! Do a haul, do a haul, do a haul (Can we all chant?) LOL

  13. I love the forced smile lol :D Pretty look!


  15. welcome back! yes, do a haul video :)...i think i am going to use mekong tomorrow in a look...u have inspired me to use it

  16. yeyyyy Tina's back! And u look more gorgeous than ever, love the smokey chocolates on u! Cannot wait to see hauls and reviews. Ur reviews are my fave coz u are very honest :)

  17. Thanx EmeraldC83 girl! I will be doign the haul video tonite :)

    Thx Erin. Mekong is gorg! Too bad the sparkles don't show up as well as in the pan tho :(

    Thx Nickie doll. Miss u too. Will be doing the haul vid later today.

    Thanks so much Sha girl. What have u been up to? Girl I was fighting not to get mekong but I cud not resist anymore. LOL. Haul coming up for sure.

    Thanks Kai. Glad to be back! :)

    Thanks Anony. Heee heee! Yep it took me a while but I'm back. I loved Haute & Naughty from the first day I tried it.

    Thanks Mrs. Glam. Girl I use iWatermark. It's super easy to use and des just what I need it to. I need to go back and watermark everything now.

    Thanks Sarah D. Glad to be back hon and I missed u too. :) NARS has some great quality shadows with superb pigmentation. The permanent colors r great but there r some hits and misses with limited edition ones. I'll be swatching and posting the ones I have soon.

    Thanks nidhi hon. Hope it turns out great! Check the right side bar for the camera info. It's posted right below the About Me setion.

  18. Hey Felicia doll.Noep didn't get to MAC Pro in Chicago. I was busy at Nordstroms and SAKS and Forever 21 and Sephora. LOL. I own so much MAC now I would probably just look and walk out anyway.

    NARS Eyeshadows r great and really pigmented 9for the most part) but u r right that the glitter eyeshadows don't translate that glittery on the lid. In fact with this one there was no glitter at all by the end of the day. A sticker base will help the glitter adhere to the skin but will make blending harder. I have no issues with blending NARS e/s but as u know with stickier bases the e/s will cling and be harder to blend.

    I don't think u should avoid them because they r gorg but I guess u should know that you won't get full on glitter at all. I hope u show that EX what he is missing girl! U better WORK!

  19. Thanks so much Mei Mei. Will do :)

    Yay PicassoEyes13! LOL! Chant! Haul Haul Haul!

    Hahahaha Fatana! Thanks luv!

    Thanks Prettybiggirlj! I'm loving Mekong. I avoided it for so long and I'm glad I finally got it.

    Thx Saadeh my luv. I blame u for the smoky looks! LOL! I'm really getting into them these days. I will be reviewing alot soon. Wheeew!

  20. Thanks so much. I'll have to look into iWatermark.


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