Mar 28, 2011

Guerlain 'Ombré Éclat 1 Shade' Eyeshadows - THOUGHTS and SWATCHES...

Guerlain 'Ombré Éclat 1 Shade' Eyeshadows - THOUGHTS and SWATCHES...

Guerlain 'Ombré Éclat 1 Shade' Eyeshadow  
      Who can resist the color of this wide range of original and unique shades? These high-technology eyeshadows create an impeccable finish leaving the eyes velvety, pearly or sparkling. Easy to apply, their ultra-soft powder formula, enriched with a silicon talc and mica treated with amino acids, creates an even veil of color over the eyelid. Color hold is perfect and the sensation is wonderful. Irresistible: its miniature jewel box, designed by Hervé Van der Straeten to never leave your side. 
      Ombré Éclat 1 Shade is the largest single-eyeshadow product on the market. Intense and long-lasting colors allow for light and delicate eye makeup or a more sophisticated, dramatic effect, always with an impeccable finish. Available in many different shades to collect and match according to your mood. 

Price: $36
Size: 0.12 oz
Availability: Nordstrom, Sephora 

My Four Ps

Guerlain 'Ombré Éclat 1 Shade' Eyeshadows retail for $36 and contain 0.12 oz. of product. As Guerlain claims these are the largest single-eyeshadows I have ever encountered in my beauty life. So even though the Guerlain 'Ombré Éclat 1 Shade' Eyeshadows are expensive, at $36 each, you are getting a LOT of product for the price.

Consider this:  
M∙A∙C Eyeshadows are $14.50 for 0.05 oz. = $34.80 for 0.12 oz.
NARS Eyeshadows are $23 for 0.7 oz.   $39.40 for 0.12 oz.
Make Up For Ever Eyeshadows are $19 for 0.8 oz. = $28.50 for 0.12 oz.

Plus, Guerlain is a high-end brand for those who like a little splurge. But as you can see, these eyeshadows are only a slightly higher price than M∙A∙C per ounce and even cheaper than NARS. Even thought you are spending a lot upfront, you are getting your money's worth in the actual product (with luxurious packaging at that).

These eyeshadows come housed in a sleek metallic gold case with a mirror inside the lid. Luxurious is the most fitting word for these eyeshadows. They even come with a black velvet carrying pouch for your beautiful golden gem.

Since the case is metallic, fingerprints are very likely to be left behind. Not not to worry, the velvet pouch will help to protect the finish of the case.

Inside, the eyeshadows themselves are embossed with the Guerlain logo and provided with a clear plastic cover for added protection. there is also a tiny sponge-tipped applicator with Guerlain printed on the handle. This is a fancy as sponge-tipped applicators can get. One nice touch is that the back label has a color swatch of the eyeshadow so you are able to easily identify which color is which without opening the compact.

The packaging definitely adds a great deal of extravagance to these eyeshadows which make the price tag a little bit more bearable. Who doesn't want a golden cased eyeshadow? I sure felt fancy touting these around!

Product & Performance
The eyeshadows are superb! They are super pigmented, extremely creamy and smooth, and they glide and blend like a dream. Of course, I had to take a step back to make sure I wasn't just praising the eyeshadows because of the prestigious label and price tag. No, I would still say the same thing if these were $5 or $20.

With high-end brands you tend to get higher quality eyeshadows. This is by virtue of the beauty business. High-end labels are able to use higher quality ingredients and a manufacturing processes which by default lead to a more esteemed product.

These eyeshadows have a frost finish that translates to more of a satin feel. There is no high-shine frost here, just rich decadent color. They are perfect for smokey looks and can be used all over the lid for a simple look.

If you are into high-end brands or maybe just want to splurge a little then check the beauties out! The price may sounds steep but in essence you are getting a LOT for your money - product and lush packaging! Just make sure you get the pronunciation you sound sophisticated when ordering : )

Guerlain = Grrrr lawn! LOL!



L'instant Nuit 182
Very unique color. Deep slate bronze with green/khaki undertones.

L'instant D'une Émotion 185  
Another unique beauty. Deep gunmetal silver with deep burgundy/purple undertones.

 L'instant D'une Soupir 187
Deep chocolate with red and bronze undertones.

182, 185, 187

182, 185, 187

182, 185

185, 187



  1. Guerlain products are GREAT! you picked up three very pretty shades. i can already imagine you wearing a look with them :) good choice!

  2. I've had l'Instant d'une Soupir on my wish list for a loooong time. Your swatch has just double convinced me that I need it. I really like that kinda bdown with red base, look good with my eye colour.

    Cannot wait to see your FOTD with these :) Which one is your personal favourite?

  3. I luv Guerlain products..they are expensive but really worth their price. I love their blush in is one of my favs..these eyeshadows look great, I can not wait to see ur look with them

  4. Those colors are really beautiful. They will always be stylish.

  5. I agree Nora! Guerlain is awesome! I am loving these colors.

    Saadeh u need L'instant D'une Soupir 187 in ur life. This was the one I went for actually, after seeing it on Temptalia. I love all of them. LOL! Each has its own personality so I have to say I love each equally. LOL! I'm of no help.

    I am jumping on the Guerlain train Jess. I realized that even tho they r expensive the quality, packaging and amount of product u get is totally worth it! I'll have to take a look at Echo now.

    Very true Beruda!

  6. I'm definitely going to check these out! Thanks for the honest review.


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