Mar 6, 2011

The Fancy Flops - Urban Decay Big Fatty Colored Mascara

 Big Fatty Colored Mascara

If you love the extra-thickening powers of Big Fatty Mascara, round out your collection with these wearable shades. Turquoise and navy hues give brown and blue eyes a jolt, purple shades make green eyes more dangerous, and burgundy adds drama to any eye color-a refreshing alternative to basic black.

Fill Weight: 7.5g e 0.26 US oz.
Price: $17.00

With all the rave about colored mascaras in the beauty industry lately, you may be inclined to give the Urban Decay Big Fatty Colored Mascaras a try. But heed my warning and DO NOT BUY THESE!

The colors are beautiful and I was tempted to get them and was extremely disappointed. They dry out in days...and if you are really unlucky they will already be dry when you first open them. When applied to the lashes they flake and there will be fall out on your cheeks and maybe even in your eyes (ouch...learned the hard way). I bought all four colors and from two different locations so I can't blame a bad or old batch or even a specific color. They all behave this badly. I hope Urban Decay improves on the formula and pulls these from the shelves before others fall prey.

* The Fancy Flops is just a quick post that bear a warning about products that I have found faulty or misleading. I do not like to bash products but I prefer to share the bad along with the good and hopefully save you guys from making a purchase mistake!


  1. I bought two, and yes, they were both dry when opened. Never again. I love Urban Decay, so I was a bit surprised and very disappointed.

  2. Thanks for the warning.. Keep doing these posts!

  3. I've NEVER heard anything good about these mascaras. Everyone says the same exact thing about them drying out or already being dry at time of purchase.

  4. Great post! I had a trial size of this mascara in blue and I was not impresed; it was flaky and did dry out in days. I thought it was a bad batch but from your post I can tell that was not so.

  5. awww, that sucks :( i really want a greatly pigmented colored mascara

  6. It sucks right Lola? I was surprised too. I mean I thought Urban Decay was better than that but mascaras aren't their strong point I guess.

    Stay away Jennifer! I don't want anyone else to make the same mistake. What a waste!

    Very true jlowman1. Apart from the gorgeous colors these are all around a bad product!

    Thanks Mastered. I don't think anyone has has a good thing to say about these mascaras. In fact I think UD is discontinuing them because of it.

    Hey socialite! Try the Estee Lauder Sumptuous Color mascaras. They have great color payoff and don't dry out quickly at all.

  7. Hey Tina I've been visiting your blog for a while but never posted and I really love it! You are great at what you do..just wanted to let you know that you have another fan out there haha

    Also..I remember the look you posted with the blue Estee Lauder mascara and I googled it but it was sold out on the website I saw..any idea where I can find it? Thanks a lot


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