May 3, 2010

'My Must Have Brushes' Video

'My Must Have Brushes' Video

Hi guys! So I already did a post on my Must Have Brushes but I thought  I would also do a video to show the brushes and talk about how I use them. So here goes....

My Must Have Brushes Link
Mascara Fan Brush Tip Link


  1. Do you prefer the mac 239 or 242 to apply eyeshadow and why? Do you prefer the MAC 217 over the 222 to blend and why? I am going to try the Sigma 197 brush. It seems to have good reviews. Thanks in advance for your help. It seems like everyone has a different opinion but your makeup application is always flawless! If you ever quit your day job you could easily have a new a make up artist.

  2. Hey Nadine! I prefer the MAC 239 for pressed eyeshadows (matte or shimmer) and matte pigments because grabs onto the color more and packs it onto the lid.

    I use the MAC 242 for cream products, frosty/shimmery pigments and for when I use pigments wet. This brush is better for cream and wet applications because it's flat and not fluffy so it helps the products stick to the skin better.

    I prefer the MAC 217 over the 222 for blending simply because it's fluffier. I get a more diffused/blended look with the 217. The 222 is smaller and tends to concentrate color in one area for me.

    Yes get the Sigma will not be disappointed at all. It's great for liquid/cream foundation and blushes but it also works well for powder products.

    Thanks so much hon! Day job pays the bills but makeup is my passion! :)

  3. Thank you! Actually checking out some brushes and pigments too! I got to check your pigments review.

  4. I bought the ss197 & it is hands down, my fave brush for applying liquid foundation. I really would love like 3 more. Is that greedy? LOL seriously, I love it! Thanks so much for recommending it!


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