May 3, 2010

'Royal Sugar' Tutorial

'Royal Sugar' Tutorial

So this video is a tutorial for my Royal Sugar Look I previously did here.

First time actually doing a live makeup tutorial. It was so hard to stay under 10 minutes and I do not have a program to merge different  videos so I wasn't able to add an Intro or an Ending. But here it welcomed... : )


  1. Great video.. really enjoyed both of them.. I will definitely be subscribing to your channel

  2. Finally a tutorial yay!! I don't know how you dont have like 5,000 followers lol Your looks always come out stunning, and im excited that you are doing tutorials now.

    p.s By far the most entertaining video on the blog-o-sphere! I laughed a few times haha

    p.s.s im putting you on my blogroll, people NEED to check your talent out :)


  3. Thanks Queen Shalala I! I really appreciate it! :)

  4. Hahahaha Suzanna! Yep I finally did it! LOL!
    You are too sweet for words!
    Thanks girl! I'm pretty new on the scene so I'm surprised and happy for the ppl that follow me right now. I didn't even know I would get to 200. It's a really blessing and honor that ppl actually like the things I do! :)
    Thx for the support hon!

  5. Very pretty! looking 4wd to more vids. You don't necessarily need intro/outro. I used to use onetruemedia when I 1st made vids on YT. I don't make them anymore. I also used the trial version of windowsmoviemaker. I had to use a trial version of a file conversion program as well. cheap to buy anything. LOL Much respect to you & all those making makeup vids. It is not easy.

  6. Great job girl, I love your tutorials and your the first blog I go to in the morning, LOL. Keep those videos rollin.....
    2 more weeks to the makeup show!!!!!

  7. I love that Absynthe (sp?) colour! It's sooooo pretty! I think I actually prefer it to Chartruse (sp? again!) x


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