Feb 23, 2010

My Must Have Brushes

My Must-Have Brushes

I decided to do a post on what I consider my must-have, can't live without brushes. These are the brushes that I use every single day to accomplish my look - from eyes to face. I use a range of brushes from different brands.



From top....

1. Sonia Kashuk Crease Shadow Brush - I use this brush to apply cream bases, mainly paintpots, all over the lid. This is great for blending cream products onto the skin. It can also be used for applying the crease color but I use a different brush for that purpose.
$5.99 at Target

2. MAC 239 Eye Shading Brush - I use this brush to pack color onto my lid and for applying my highlight. It's a solid stiff brush that applies color very well onto the lid.
$24.50 at MAC

3. MAC 217 Blending Brush - I use this brush for blending and for applying crease color. This brush helps to diffuse color for a nice gradient on the brow bone. For those with smaller eyes the MAC 222 Tapered Blending Brush may work better.
$22.50 at MAC

4. MAC 205 Mascara Fan Brush - This is a great brush for cleaning up fallout on the lashes. I use this to apply mascara on the back of my lashes (by the lashline) where eyeshadows usually make a mess. It also works well to separate my lashes and remove and clumps that may have formed.
$17.50 at MAC

5. Stila #28 Smudge Pot Brush - I use this brush to apply cream eyeliner to my lower waterline (using the thin side) and for applying or blending eyeshadow/eyeliner on my lower lashline (larger side). This is a great multi use brush.
$32 at Sephora

6. MAC 266 Small Angle Brush - This is my perfect brush for applying cream or gel eyeliner to my upper lashline for a winged effect. This can apply a super thin line or build up to a thick line as needed. 
$19.50 at MAC

7. MAC 252 Large Shader Brush - This brush is perfect for applying a full wash of color to the entire lid or for applying cream products. I also sometimes use this brush to blend along the brow bone or apply my highlight. This is by far my favorite MAC eye brush.
$29 at MAC


From top....
1. Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Flat Blusher Brush - Of course I don't use this for it's original intention...I use this brush to apply and buff my liquid foundation into my skin. I did a full review on this brush in a previous post. 
$14.99 at Target
2. Sigma SS197 Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki - I use this brush to apply and blend my blush and even to contour. This applies blush evenly and blends like a dream. It may be too dense for more pigmented blushes but for my MAC Blush Ombres it's prefect.
$16 at Sigma Makeup

3. MAC 182 Buffer Brush - I use this brush to apply my setting powder or powder foundation. It's great for buffing powder onto the skin without leaving a powdery look. It also helps to blend blush and contour.
$45 at MAC



From top....

1. MAC 219 Pencil Brush - This brush can be used for smudging eyeliner, applying color to the inner corner, defining the crease, applying color to the lower lashline, etc....anywhere you may need precise application. I do not use this brush daily but it's a great addition to my arsenal.
$23 at MAC

2. MAC 242 Shader Brush - This is the smaller version of the MAC 252 Brush and can be used for the same purposes. This also can be used for precise application to the upper or lower lashline and crease because it's much smaller than the MAC 252.
$23 at MAC 

3. MAC 252 Large Shader Brush - Discussed above.

4. MAC 130 Short Duo Fibre Brush - This is a new limited edition brush that came out with the MAC Mineralize Foundation. It is great for applying liquid foundation and concealer. It is smaller than the Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Flat Blush Brush so application time is longer but it works just the same. The Sonia Kashuk one is, however, better for buffing. 
$38 at MAC

5. Sephora Professionnel Contour Blush/Bronzer Brush #43 - This brush is great for applying blush/bronzer powder to the cheeks. It blends great and feels really soft on the skin.
$36 at Sephora



  1. I nominated you for an award on my blog!

    The new Sonia Kashuk brush handles look really uncomfortable to hold- how do you feel about the shape?

  2. Tha Rae Rare girl! That's a great compliment and a great honor! *blushes*


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