Feb 8, 2010

'Winged Eyeshadow' Look

'Winged Eyeshadow' Look

 I was inspired by JudeRiviera on YouTube and the music video for Beyonce's song 'Video Phone'. I replicated Jude's look with my own spin on it.

I winged the eyeshadow out a bit more and I used MUFE eyeshadows instead of the 88 palette.

Here are the colors I used for the look:

        Flash Color No. 10 White        

                    Flash Color No. 11 Black                    
MUFE No. 4 Matte Black

MUFE No. 170 Iridescent Pearl Grey

MUFE No. 169 Iridescent Anthracite

MUFE No. 164 Cafe Latte (matte light brown)


  1. this looks amazing! i like this better than beyonce's. gotta check jude's vid. man i need a silver like that!!

  2. Thx sweetie! Jude is awesome! The MUFE Silvers r to die for...so creamy and pigmented! I was surprised at how nicely it applied to my lids.

  3. This is a GORGEOUS look! I think the eyeshadow shape really compliments the shape of your own eye - you should try working with this winged shaped more often ;)


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