Feb 26, 2010

Beautee Sense False Eyelashes

Beautee Sense False Eyelashes

In case you are curious, for most of my looks I use Beautee Sense False Eyelashes. These are sold at my local beauty supply store. Beautee Sense is a NY based company so I assume these eyelashes may be available at other beauty supply stores in NY.You may also purchase the lashes wholesale if you so desire directly from http://www.beauteesense.com/. They cost $84 or $90 (depending on packaging) for 72 pairs.

These eyelashes are cheaper than Ardell's False Eyelashes at $2.49 per pair and I actually prefer them over Ardell. There are numerous styles available from natural to over-the-top. They are comfortable and lightweight which is a necessity for false eyelashes. After all, you don't want to actually 'feel' your eyelashes. They also use a clear band at the base of the lashes for a more natural look.

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  1. Whoa these are very pretty lashes hun,I need them lol


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