Feb 1, 2010

MAC 'Pop Color' Collection

MAC 'Pop Color' Collection

As you MAC lovers probably already know, there are now eight new and previously PRO eyeshadow shades that have been added to the MAC permanent line. It has been dubbed the MAC 'Pop Color' Collection!

Why you may ask? Well....'cause it's a POP of COLOR!!!!

These are now available at freestanding and PRO store locations but only in limited quantity at MAC counters (such as at Macy's and Nordstrom). These are also available online and also in palette form!!!

I had to pick these up...

See shade descriptions and swatches:

Starting from top left and going right around...we have:

Goldenrod is described as Bright marigold yellow (Satin). For me it is a bright golden orange yellow. So many words to described this beautiful color. This was previously a PRO color turned permanent.

Lucky Green is described as Frosted midtone lime (Veluxe Pearl). For me it is a nicely pigmented frosty yellowy lime green. It applies smoothly but requires a few layers to go from sheer to solid color. This one is a repromote.
Atlantic Blue is described as Bright violet blue (Matte). It's bright beautiful purple tinged blue with great color payoff. Again, PRO color gone permanent.

Red Brick is described as Orange Red (Matte). And that it is! It is like MAC Orange Eyeshadow mixed with MAC Basic Red Pigment. Solid, rich color here. Another old PRO.

Vibrant Grape is described as Bright magenta violet (Satin). It is a gorgeous, bright, red based. This one is also ex-PRO and it was also a Style Warriors rerun.

Free to Be is described as Bright true coral (Matte). This one to me is more of a rich pink color and can come off a little coral.

Winkle is described as Midtone cornflower blue (Satin). I have to agree with this description. It's somewhat of a blue lavender for me. This is a brand new shade.

Sunny Spot is described as Light acid green yellow (Matte). This comes off a bit neon yellow on my skintone. I prefer MAC Sour Lemon eyeshadow to this one though I must say. This is a brand new shade as well.


  1. I wish they would have brought back Red Violet... That color is so gorgeous and I hate that I never bought it.

  2. So true Amy! I actually have that color thank heavens! But there must be a dupe...

  3. I was just looking and I think MUFE #9 actually might be reasonably close... Great blog btw, I'm from Specktra and just started checking it out :)


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