Feb 15, 2010

Half Colored Nails

Half Colored Nails

If you are anything like me then a full coat of color on your fingernails may not look so great...or maybe it's just me.... : )

I always envy those girls (or guys) that can pull off the full colored nails. For some weird reason a full coat of color on my fingernails just doesn't look right. But being beauty obsessed, I had to find a way.

I keep an acrylic coat on my nails because they are very weak on their own and are prone to ripping and tearing. I used to stick to the traditional french pink and white style but after seeing all these lovely nail colors that are out there, I had to venture out.

I now do what I like to call...Half Colored Nails. I keep the base of the nail either bare or a plain color...then I add a half design at the top of my nail. It's my way of wearing color without my fingernails looking odd.

Here's what I mean....


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