Feb 1, 2010

More from INGLOT!!!!

More from INGLOT!!!!

So of course after my first love affair with INGLOT Cosmetics, I had to go back for more. This time around I dabbled in the single eyeshadows that were not available in palette form and gel eyeliners.


I was definately (British English spelling...forgive me) not disappointed!!! These eyeshadows are extremely pigmented and creamy! They are a dream! They are $12 a pop for 2g/0.07 US oz. of beautiful, rich color.

The Matte finishes are my favorites and have the best color payoff with high pigmentation, followed by the Double Sparkle (or D.S. from my first post), then comes Pearl which is somewhat hit or miss with the intensity.

For curious minds, the Double Sparkle (D.S.)  is a matte finish with finely milled silver glitter, think MAC Velvet eyeshadow finish. There is minimal to no fallout from these so the glitter doesn't pose any problem. However, if you are looking for serious glitter payoff you won't get it here.

Gel Eyeliners:

These are fantastic! They are pigmented and waterproof! And HELLO BUDGEPROOF!! These do not move at all. My swatches did not wash off with regular soap and water...it took waterproof makeup remover to get these off and it still took some scrubbing. This may be a big bothersome but worth the extra effort to remove. They are $12 as well, for 5.5g/0.19 US oz.

Pictures and Swatches:

TOP left to right:           407 (Pearl),   385 (Matte),   369 (Matte),    387 (Matte)
BOTTOM left to right: 383 (Matte),  476 (D.S.),     480 (D.S.),      391 (Matte)

Left to right: 474 (D.S.), 60 (AMC FR.), 58 (AMC FR.)


TOP left to right:   76,  88,  71,  84
BOTTOM left to right:   85,  73,  87,  82


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