Feb 16, 2010

MAC Cosmetics Spring Color Forecast Collections HAUL

MAC Cosmetics Spring Color Forecast Collections HAUL

So with the HUGE MAC Spring Collections recently released...of course I had to get my fix...

Here's what I got...

I only bought what I thought was worth having for me. I fell in love with the Blush Ombres and got backups for Ripe Peach and Azalea Blossom. The lipglasses are divine and the two lipsticks I picked up are unique. I also got 2 pro eyeshadows as bonuses and a backup Clarity eyeshadow since it has been discontinued.


I got all 4 Blush Ombres - Azalea Blossom (w/ a backup), Ripe Peach (w/ a backup), Vintage Grape and Springshine.

I also got both pigment stacks - Stacked 1! and Stacked 2!

 I got 6 lipglasses - Gold Dust, Hush Hush Rose, Lavender Wind, Ember Glow, Electric Fuchsia, Kumquat.

I got 4 eyeshadows, a quad and 3 bonus eyeshadows I have been lemming - Hot Hot Hot, Lala, Perky, Nanogold, Color 4 Quad...bonus Clarity, Soot and Indian Ink eyeshadows.

I got 2 of the lipsticks and a few bonuses as well - Bronzilla, Victorian...bonus Up the Amp Lipstick, Creme Sherry and Cream O'Spice lipliners, Prep and Prime Lip.


Eyeshadows - Nanogold, Perky, Lala, Hot Hot Hot

Color 4 Quad - Manila Paper, Flip, Aztec Brick, Creole Beauty

Stacked 1 Pigment Stack - Light Lilac, Dark Purple, Pale Pink, Mid-tone Rose

Stacked 2 Pigment Stack - Pale Gilded Beige, Copper Gold, Yellow Gold, Green Gold

Lipglasses - Kumquat, Ember Glow, Electric Fuchsia, Gold Dust, Hush Hush Rose, Lavender Wind; Lipsticks - Victorian, Bronzilla


  1. I love your purchases. I bought a few things from the collection.
    Bubblegum Lipstick
    Electric Fushia Lipglass x2
    I wanted very violet eyeshadow but then I tried it and vibrant grape shadow and I liked Vibrant grape better.

  2. I was wondering if you can post some simple eye looks for us newbie like neutral with a pop of color thanks.

  3. Thx lovelies! You will love that Electric Fuchsia Lipglass...it's so pretty! Bubblegum reminded me of the Gaga Viva Glam Lipstick...I may look into that one.
    You are definitely right about Very Violet...Vibrant Grape is much better IMO.

    I will try a post more neutral looks in a bit : )

  4. Oooh the Blush Ombres look gorgeous. Ripe Peach is right up my street. All the Lipglasses look lovely as well. Thanks for the swatches!

  5. Hi Tina
    I Lov you blog ..... Please teach me makeup and so very beautiful and different. And you have a great creativity. I am Brazilian and I live here six anosp tips and recs of your eyebrow and magnificent ...... Hugs

  6. Hey Anonymous! Thx so much! I did an eyebrow tutorial here:

    I hope this helps. Do you have any specific questions or areas u need help with? Just let me know.

  7. What do you mean by you got bonus? Your MAC give you bonus when you purchase a certain amount of a products or products in general? not sure to understand thank you! xxxx

    1. Free MAC Eyeshadows using the BACK2MAC program - 6 empties give you a free lipstick (at counters), lipgloss or eyeshadow from a MAC Freestanding store. Read more here: http://www.maccosmetics.com/giving_back/btm_return_packaging.tmpl


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