Oct 13, 2010

'Royal Bloodline' Look

'Royal Bloodline' Look

So for this look I went for something different from what I normally wear - smokey inner and outer corners with a highlight on the middle of the lid. While I initially thought I looked like a panda bear, it really did not turn out to be so bad afterall. I still am not a big fan of this look on myself but I have seen it on others and it took my breath away! Tell me what you guys think of this style.

I started off with NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base all over my lid up to the brow bone. I applied MAC Layin' Low Paintpot (matte beige) all over my lid and on my brow bone as my primary base.

On the middle of the lid and tearduct I applied MAC Melon Pigment (shimmery golden peach).
For the inner and outer lid I applied MAC Bloodline Pigment (darkened dirty taupe).
Next I applied MAC Push The Edge Pigment (deep purple with pearl) between the middle of the lid and the inner and outer corners.
On the browbone area and for blending I used Smashbox Nude Eyeshadow (matte nude).
For highlight I used Bare Escentuals Well Rested for eyes (matte light yellow).

My brows are filled in with MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Spiked and NARS Coconut Grove Eyeshadow (matte blackened brown).

I lined my upper lashline with Wet 'n' Wild Gel Eyeliner in Black.
I lined my lower waterline and  lower lashline with L'Oreal HIP Cream Eyeliner in Black.
I used MAC Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara in Black for my lashes and added Beautee Senses Annie False Eyelashes for effect.

For my lips I used MAC Brave New Bronze Lipstick (creamy peachy nude) topped with MAC Florabundance Lipglass (creamy light peach).

I prepped my skin with MAC Oil Control Lotion and Too Faced Primed & Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer. I used MAC Pro Longwear Foundation in NC45 for my face set my T-Zone with MAC Blot Powder in Dark. I used MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW35 and NC45 under my eyes set with Benefit Powderflage Set.
I used MAC Utterly Game Mineralize Blush (satin warm peach) for my cheeks.


  1. I think that the look turned out very well. I love that melon pigment color.

  2. Looks very pretty! I bought Bloodline and haven't worn it yet. This is a super way to put it to use. The bit of purple makes it even prettier. Good job!

  3. I personally LOVE it! I'm a huge fan out the darker corners and lighter middle of the lid look.

    That's funny that you have Bloodline pigment. I hated it at first when I saw it. Thought it looked like dirt with glitter in a jar, but I've seen other people use it, and it looks so pretty. I may have to give in and get it.

  4. I'm a new reader and I love seeing your different makeup looks each day! You are truly dedicated and you must have an insane stash of makeup! I really like your liner and I can't believe it's wet n' wild!!! wow!!


  5. This came out great girl, you should do more looks like this.

  6. u look gorgeous hun...I really love this look

  7. Gorgeous! So pretty and CLEAN!

  8. Gorgeous! The melon really gives the eye a pop. A great way to spruce up a traditional smokey eye!

  9. lol @ Panda Bear. I think it looks gorgeous.

  10. this is nice. i should try it one of these days. i have dark circles round my eye but that doesnt stop me from utterly and totally loving all types of smokey eye.
    u bet that il be trying this soon

  11. Hi Tina, please where do u take ur pics? i noticed the background is always the same.

  12. This is a very sexy eye look, I would pair it with a darker lip and wear this out to a "grown and sexy" event.

  13. Thx Chanel. U know I bought Melon on a whim when I started collecting pigments (cawz I had to have them all) and I didn't realize how fab it was until a few months ago. Love!

    Thanx Dini. I think Bloodline is great for a smokey look. It's not super dark but it still has that sultry appeal.

    Th Erin hon. I thought so too...just another dirty pigment. LOL. But it's a great alternative to the black smokey eye. Try it out.

    Thanks Lady and welcome to the blog! I try to post as often as I can. It's a great hobby and I love sharing. Plus there are some great ppl on here to share with :) Wet 'n' Wild is awesome!

    Thanks Artemi dear heart.

    Thx Tysh honey! U know I may actually try out more of these...when I have off time tho cawz they can mess up easily.

    Thanks Sharon babe!

  14. Thanks bambi hun.

    Thx RoyalDress. I tried to be as clean as i cud with the smoked out parts. LOL. Kinda not the easiest thing.

    Thanks Jen doll.

    Thanks Jenny. I'm trying to get the hang of the smokey eye. The Melon helped me out alot.

    Thanks so much Joy. I can't help but think panda bear when I wear smokey looks. I guess I have to start owning it.

    Thanks Dora my dear.

    Thx BO. I know what u mean tho. But I feel like smokey makes me look punched in the eye. Rock it out! LOL. U r going to get me fired girl! I take my pics in my cubicle at work. LOL LOL. Don't tell my boss!

    Thanks TeachersPet!

    Thanks alabamahuntress! I would probably die with this and a dark lip. LOL. I hardly do smokey or dark lips so I would probably hyperventilate if I did both. LOL!

  15. damn it I just wrote a long ass post and it didn't go through :/ anyway, you look lovely as usual :) hopefully we'll meet the next time I'm in NYC. I was sad I didn't see u :(

  16. new follower,great make up and blog x

    check out my blog if u have time

  17. This is simply gorgeous I think you nailed it !!! Im really enjoying your looks on your blogs and the great info you provide please feel free to follow me as well keep up the good work be blessed :)


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