Oct 12, 2010

'Beach Dreams' Look

'Beach Dreams' Look

Is anyone else dreaming of the beach right now? Well I can finally post pics from work again so that's awesome...bad news is a cut my foot stepping on a plug with bare feet! Curses! I'm off to play boardgames with co-workers. Talk to you later!

P.S. Amy I used BLUE Pigment for you! Smoochies!


I started off with NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base all over my lid up to the brow bone. I applied MAC Layin' Low Paintpot (matte beige) all over my lid and on my brow bone as my primary base.

On the inner lid and tearduct I applied MAC Vanilla Eyeshadow (matte ivory).
For the first half of the lid I applied MAC Lovely Lily Pigment (shimmery light pink).
Next for the second half of the lid I applied MAC Blue Pigment (shimmery bright blue).
On the browbone area I applied Inglot #58 AMC Eyeshadow (bright green w/ sparkles).
To deepen the outer V I applied MAC Black Black Pigment (matte black).
For blending I used Smashbox Nude Eyeshadow (matte nude).
For highlight I used Bare Escentuals Well Rested for eyes (matte light yellow).
For my lower lashline I used Stila Sapphire Kajal Eyeliner Pencil (dark navy) - OUTER and MAC Lovely Lily Pigment (shimmery light pink) - INNER.

My brows are filled in with MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Spiked and NARS Coconut Grove Eyeshadow (matte blackened brown).

I lined my upper lashline with Wet 'n' Wild Gel Eyeliner in Black.
I lined my lower waterline with L'Oreal HIP Cream Eyeliner in Black.
I used MAC Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara in Black for my lashes and added Beautee Senses Anita False Eyelashes for effect.


For my lips I used MAC Blooming Lovely Lipstick (creamy lavender pink) topped with MAC Docile Lipglass (shimmery light pink).


I prepped my skin with MAC Oil Control Lotion and Too Faced Primed & Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer. I used MAC Pro Longwear Foundation in NC45 for my face set my T-Zone with MAC Blot Powder in Dark. I used MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW35 and NC45 under my eyes set with Benefit Powderflage Set.
I used MAC Utterly Game Mineralize Blush (satin warm peach) for my cheeks.


  1. This is beautiful! I read your whole blog last night because someone linked you on twitter. Amazing!!

  2. Love the look! I wish I knew how to put on makeup!

    I also nominated you for a blog award. You have one of the best beauty/makeup blogs.

  3. gorgeous! I love how you always compliment different colors so well!

  4. That is quite a gorgeous look on you!!


  5. Yuh cut yuh foot, aww. Poor ting. I'm sure someone will kiss it and make it better

  6. u look so beautiful hun,love love e look&ur top as well&Oh I need that lipstick lol

  7. Also, where did you get your top/sweater? Thx!

  8. Thanks L honey. U read the whole blog in one nite? WOW! LOL! :) Awesome!

    Thanx Junkie my sweet.

    Thx Jen hon.

    Thanks so much Corie my dear. I didn't know how to put on makeup two years ago either so where there's a will there's a way. :)

    Thx Jess. I'm a fashion faux pas because I like to match my clothes an makeup. LOL. Too bad for those rule makers I guess. LOL.

    Thx Olivia luv. How's the new computer?

    Yep Avaio. I cut my poor foot. no one here to kiss it tho :(

    Thanks Sharon! Girl that lipstick was a must have for me. It was LE but I'm sure there r many like it.

    Thanks Artemi sweetie. I think I got this at Forever 21 if I'm not mistaken. How's the camera?

  9. Ok cool, it's a great color. I love blues--I'm getting that Stila Kajal b/c of you btw lol. Thanks for asking--hit or miss with settings in natural light but still working on it :)

  10. Cool. I always keep the flash on just in case. It works in natural light too. The kajal liners r super soft and creamy so be careful. I like them for smudging under the lashline but they can get messy because they r so soft. U just need a tiny tiny smudge of it with a smudger brush.

  11. Yeah, I have onyx but, alas it is untried. I'll keep your tips in mind when I try them out. Kajal is no joke as far as intensity. Can't wait :)

    What's funny is that the flash is on, and that plus natural light equals washed out as far as blending detail...just means I gotta step up my game. Flash is both a gift and a curse ;)

  12. Now this you should do a tutorial for........ Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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