Oct 28, 2010

MAC A Tartan Tale HAUL and REACTION...

MAC A Tartan Tale HAUL and REACTION...

Hey guys! This post is for Sarah D. : )

She wanted to know what I got from the MAC A Tartan Tale Collection. I decided to do a quick post just showing what I bought personally and what I think in general. This won't be too in depth since I need to go home and get my bearing first. LOL!


I ran out during lunch to pick up my items and here's what I got:

- My Highland Honey Blush
- Glamora Castle Eyeshadow
- A Wish Come True Eyeshadow
- Lord It Up Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner
- Black Swan Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner
- The Family Crest Pigment
- Moonlight Night Pigment
- 6 Beauties Play It Cool Eye Shadow Palette
- Hark The Heraldry Face Kit
- A Triumphant Blush Face Kit
- She's Got It All Apply, Define & Line Brush Collection
- Sir Teddy with clip


The packaging is extremely adorable! There are fun bright colors and a great tartan pattern (criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours). The packaging has a very cute Scottish kilt look to it with gold MAC accents. Very nice touch!

The prices are typical to the MAC holiday collection with the brush sets costing the most at $49.50. The PRO discount is only available on single items such as the pigments, single eyeshadows, pearlglide eye liners, blushes, lipsticks, etc...u get the gist right?

The pigments and the pearlglide liners for me are the must-haves in this collection.

If you love smokey looks then get all three pigments. I already own Later and I added the other two to my collection. They are dark bases with colored shimmer throughout. The Family Crest is a more deep dark bronzey brown with gold while Moonlight Night has green flashes and Later has purple/blue shimmer.

If you like Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Liner Pencils then you will LOVE MAC Pearlglide Eye Liners. These are smooth, glittery and long wearing. They are much better than the UD 24/7 Pencils if you ask me. They pack a lot pigmentation and glitter in a smooth sweep. No need to layer over and over. They are not waterline safe though because of the glitter so don't risk it an go blind. Get them all! LOL! But seriously...grab Undercurrent if you missed it before and Lord It Up if you love bronze shades. The others are great too but not as outstanding to me. Needless to say I own them all.

The single eyeshadows are pretty but very very sheer so if you are looking for a sheer wash of color I guess these are good for you. Personally I don't see spending $19.50 on sheer eyeshadows as a good investment. I got two of them because they are pretty to look at and collect...may never actually use them.

For the lipsticks and Dazzleglass Cremes nothing stood out to me as to die for. Most of the colors are pretty sheer and for the most part dupe-able. I skipped all these.

The single blushes are fab! I love both but I could not justify another bright fuchsia blush so I skipped Her Blooming Cheek. It's a pretty bright pink blush that will look great in a light sweep but not for me. I grabbed My Highland Honey because it's a great orangey coral blush that is prefect for darker skin if not all skin. For darker skin it will add a great glow while for lighter skin it can add a sweet warmed up look.

Nail polishes - eh! LOL! I don't usually run to the nail polishes. I had my fix from Venomous Villains. : )

The eyeshadow palettes are nice but I think these will be based on personal preferences as far as colors go. I had no issues with swatching any of the colors so that's a good sign. I will say though that the size of the eyeshadows threw me a bit because they are so small but what to do. Price seems a bit much for the small eyeshadows but I suppose the package plays a part. Definitely check out Play It Cool for cool greys and purples, Reelers and Rockers for metallic golds, silvers and copper and Dashing Lashies for a more neutral palette.

The blush palettes are great choices! I got both because the colors are all great and will go well with most if not all skin tones. They are pigmented and just beautiful.Some of the shades are permanent so if you just like one of the shades then try to get the full size instead.

The brush set bags...hmmm...there have been mixed reviews of these. I KNOW the quality does not match the full sized brushes. In fact they felt a bit scratchy to the touch for me. Some of the brushes don't even match the full size equivalent - 252SE....you scratchy chubby brute! I don't think these are worth the $49.50. I got the largest one for the bag....I need a cute cosmetic bag to carry around in my handbag. Plus this set had the best replicas in my opinion.

Other stuff....I didn't have time to mess with the exclusive sets but they looked good from where I was standing..if that's your type of thing.

And precious Sir Teddy....I had to get him for charity. He's sitting pretty on my desk!


  1. what a lovely haul hun,cant wait to see e swatches&looks with these

  2. I agree with Sharon cant wait to see what looks you put together with these.

  3. thanks for the review hun. I might grab The family Crest pm and Black Swan as I'm smokey eye fiend but still not sure. I've put myself on very low buy until spring

  4. wow Tina, sweet haulage! :O) Thanks for sharing. Can't wait for Sa-watches! LOL

  5. Nice haul!! I can't wait to see you do looks with those GORGEOUS pigments too!

    ps.. I gotta say, every time I see "Lord it up", I "lol". :D

  6. Thanks Tina, you're the best! LOL I too was really drawn to Her Blooming Cheek but I already own Full Fuschia (and several other varying shades of pink so I restrained myself, though I realized tonight (after cataloguing my purchases - I have to cos I quickly forget what I have!) I already own the Soft Dazzle so I may just switch it for the blush after all! Girl, I may as well just hand over my pay check to MAC - you are quickly turning me into a cosmetic fiend! I don't comment very often but I check your site every day - keep up the great work! P.S. I was tempted by the smoky pigments but I look like a panda whenever I attempt the smoky eye look so I passed it up - maybe when I get better at it....x

  7. You are hilarious, I got the blue pearalize liner and the gray e/s, I am going back for the little teddy he is cute. I didn't get anything from the holiday collection, I do want the makeup bag but if I am not getting a discount I will pass..... Starting to get more stuff from MUFE.... LOL

  8. Thx Sharon and Naomi. I need to get to swatching but alas work beckons.

    Thx Saadeh. Girl I thought u would be all over those pigments. U r a smokey girl at heart afterall. I need a low buy until January when Peacocky comes out.

    Thx Sha hon. My wallet hates me! :) This collection is far from cheap!

    Hahahaha Rachel! Lord It Up! LOL. MAC has such great names sometimes. Watch me get smokey with these pigments.

  9. LO Tysh girl! The discount thing threw me too! I forgot how expensive this stuff was until I was paying full price again. I wanted to bawl! I need to save for next year! Plus IMATS...lawd!

  10. Hahaha Sarah! I'm a bad girl for enabling you. LOL! Her Blooming Cheek just won't get much usage from me since my other bright pinks rarely do either. I think maybe for the Wonder Woman collection I'll get whatever bright pink they come out with. I find that I have lots of repeats in my collection too because I lose track over time. Tsk Tsk. I hate returning things though because they just throw them out. I guess I'd rather swap or sell. I cried a little when they threw out a LE blush I returned because they gave me the wrong one. I know someone may have been in search of it. :(

    I know a lot of ppl don't comment so no issue. I do the same on other blogs too. Hahahaha! I lurk but hardly comment. I still feel the love tho so I can't complain!

    I'm trying out the smokey thing now esp. with the winter time upon us. We'll see if I can pull off the panda thing...I have to figure out a good way to do a smokey eye on myself.

  11. I love your haul. And discounts? I'm surprised, in Australia, we don't get any discounts :( And no reserving either :( Hoping you do swatches before Monday so I can get a quick glimpse of the blushes!
    Love your blog!


  12. We are going to lose our minds at the IMATS, and don't forget the Makeup Show, but I think IMATS will blow us away. Ya know we buyin down de hole place, LOL

  13. Thx jenni. I posted swatches so hopefully hose helped u a bit. It sux that different countries have such different rules. Makeup should be universal! :)

  14. Tysh girl I'm already losing my mind thinking about it! IMATS is so much bigger and grander! I think I may pass out! LOL. IMATS to the wurl! LOL!


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