Oct 11, 2010

Orly Royal Navy - NAILS

Orly Royal Navy - NAILS

So I've cut my nails down and I am growing them out naturally...no more acrylics for me. And to keep from being bored I have been trying out nail polishes left and right.

So OMGosh! I ran into the best navy blue polish I could ever lay my eyes on and I had to share this one for sure - ORLY Royal Navy! Ahhhhh!

It's so gorgeous! It's like an electric navy blue color and is just bam in your face! It's so weird that it is a dark blue but is still almost neon. Oh divine! There is tiny turquoise shimmer throughout the navy blue base but it's not overwhelming at all. if you love blue nail polish at all then go check this out. I bought mine at Ulta.


  1. this is such a gorgeous blue color, i love it <3

    x Christine


  2. Beautiful BLUE! :) Your nails look great too.


  3. I love this polish it is so awesome. That's great you are getting rid of the acrylics. Yay! for natural nails :)

  4. The nail polish looks great, and your nails looks good after taking off the acrylics...

  5. This blue is FAB! For real! LOL!
    And YAY for natural nails indeed. They break like crazy though so I'm trying to grow them out as strong as I can.

  6. Tina,

    I think you'd be impressed with OPI Original Nail Envy or NailTek Foundation II (both can be found at Ulta. IMHO, they are the Mercedes Benz of basecoats/growth aides/hardeners. Also, I adore Seche Vite for a quick-glossy-drying topcoat - manis/pedis last a long time.

    Happy Nail Growing :)


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