Oct 31, 2010

Make Up For Ever (MUFE) Eyeshadows - SWATCHES - Greens

Make Up For Ever (MUFE) Eyeshadows - SWATCHES - Greens

The unique texture of MAKE UP FOR EVER Eyeshadow is due to its high pigment density, which makes them last and last. You can obtain maximum coverage with the Matte texture; the Semi-Matte has a silky satiny feel; and the iridescent shades give a transparent sheen.
Eyeshadow - Size: 0.08 oz, $19

Diamond Eye Shadow is the marriage of two great MAKE UP FOR EVER products. It combines the subtle iridescence of Diamond Powder with the intense, long-lasting color of Eye Shadow for a spectacular finish. Nylon Powder helps the shadow glide on easily, while pure synthetic mother of pearl emphasizes each shade's color and intensity. 
Diamond Eyeshadow - Size: 0.09 oz, $20

- Mica, high pigment content , nylon powder, pure pearls
- Paraben free
- Dermatologist tested

 91      93      149     168

   302       304        310
91 Apple Green (matte bright yellow green) 
93 Irish Green (matte bright green)
149 Iridescent Flourescent Green (bright green shimmer)
168 Iridescent Lagoon Green
302 Diamond Turquoise (robins egg blue with shimmer)
304 Diamond Lime (lime green with shimmer)
310 Diamond Green (dark teal green with shimmer)


  1. Congratulation, darling!

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  2. Thanks so much Fernnandah Criloura! Hi to Brazil!


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