Apr 15, 2010

'Peachy Keen' Nails

'Peachy Keen' Nails

For this nail design I used:

  1. One coat of OPI Peachy Keen Nailpolish over the entire nail.
  2. OPI Chop-Sticking To My Story Nailpolish applied at an angle on the nail tips. 
  3. Then apply a flower design from Konad #31 Stamping Plate (center design) using Konad Special Nailpolish in Black.
  4. Apply Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat and we are done! 


  1. this is gorgeous! I always struggle with peach shades on my nails. Somehow that colour makes my hands look dead :( Maybe coz my fingers are a peachy tone, lol!

  2. Very nice, I was about to say girl you got skills with the designs and then I saw the last picture, LOL

  3. Thx 1xellus1!

    Thx Lady....have u tried Peachy Keen? It's a more orangey peach...it may just work for u! Oh and did u read a comment from ErikaKane02? MUFE Aqua Creams will be at Sephora in June.

    Tysh girl I wish! LOL! U know Konad saved my life! LOL!


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